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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform designed specifically for online businesses. It provides tools to create and send targeted email campaigns, as well as track their performance through analytics. With Klaviyo, businesses can segment their email lists based on customer behavior and characteristics to tailor messages to specific groups. The platform also offers integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento, allowing businesses to automate email triggers based on customer actions, like abandoned carts or product purchases. Additionally, Klaviyo provides features for designing visually appealing emails without coding skills, and A/B testing options to optimize campaign effectiveness. Overall, Klaviyo helps businesses improve their email marketing efforts by providing tools for automation, personalization, and performance tracking.

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103,600 companies are currently using Klaviyo


Trade Coffee

the best coffee selection..

47 Employees$27K - $36K$55K united states ..63%Export

crafting stories, buildin..

26 Employees$44K - $41K$82K united states ..1%Export

the original japanese bar..

35 Employees$9K - $39K$52K united states ..40%Export
Rellevate, Inc.

your money - anytime!

42 Employees$7K - $12K$84K united states ..20%Export

the lightweight, health m..

44 Employees$23K - $45K$51K united states ..59%Export
True Botanicals

get gorgeous skin with na..

47 Employees$18K - $34K$87K united states ..67%Export

creating a revolution of ..

30 Employees$44K - $21K$76K united states ..19%Export
The Artisan Drinks Co

100% natural artisan craf..

15 Employees$13K - $43K$73K united kingdom..23%Export
Proud Source Water

water done different.

38 Employees$47K - $29K$55K united states ..40%Export

meet the future of pet we..

20 Employees$22K - $43K$65K united states ..5%Export

looking for better urinar..

42 Employees$44K - $4K$91K united states ..48%Export
Eclipse Foods

cowlessly creamy

26 Employees$49K - $32K$82K united states ..75%Export
Paloma Health

whole-person, virtual-fir..

34 Employees$28K - $38K$55K united states ..29%Export
Foundry Brands

we are founders and opera..

59 Employees$41K - $10K$71K united states ..55%Export
Oats Overnight

life is hard, make breakf..

95 Employees$13K - $7K$85K united states ..10%Export

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Using Klaviyo for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies provided on this page harnesses the power of Klaviyo, a renowned email marketing platform bustling with online businesses. This catalog presents an invaluable resource, serving as a strategic starting point for sales teams aiming to identify potential clients.

With a spotlight on players utilizing Klaviyo, this list provides insight into a market where the importance of effective email marketing is already recognized, hence reducing the need for preliminary education during the sales process. Many of these businesses may be in pursuit of complementary tools or services to optimize their Klaviyo experience, presenting ample opportunities for vendors offering related solutions, from integrations to training services and beyond.

The variety of industries represented in this list extends the landscape of potential leads. By analyzing the list, sales teams can segment prospects based on their industry, strategize their approach, and tailor their pitches to address industry-specific challenges, thereby boosting the probability of conversion.

Additionally, reviewing the list allows teams to gain an understanding of popular trends, adoption rates, and the general landscape within the Klaviyo user community. This knowledge can be leveraged to predict potential needs and provide timely, relevant solutions, thereby establishing trust and promoting business growth.

In all, the wealth of data housed in this list can be harvested by sales teams to generate high-quality, targeted leads, streamline their sales tactics, and ultimately make more informed, strategic decisions. With companies that comfortably embrace email marketing shown in the list, opportunity abounds for sales success.

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