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MailChimp for WordPress is a plugin that integrates Mailchimp email marketing services with WordPress websites. It allows users to easily create subscriber forms and add them to their WordPress site. With this plugin, website owners can also manage their subscriber lists, send automated emails, and track campaign analytics directly from the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, the plugin provides various customization options for forms including form fields, form styling, and integration with other third-party plugins. Overall, MailChimp for WordPress simplifies the process of building and managing email marketing campaigns by providing an intuitive interface and seamless integration with WordPress.

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139,607 companies are currently using MailChimp for WordPress



advanced creative tool ki..

32 Employees$21K - $15K$53K united states ..70%Export

reshaping the future of p..

11 Employees$4K - $31K$52K united states ..57%Export

lanieri is the first ital..

35 Employees$11K - $12K$84K italy20%Export
DawBell Ltd

dawbell is a london based..

41 Employees$43K - $4K$90K united kingdom..70%Export

we curate modern, design-..

64 Employees$50K - $8K$89K united kingdom..61%Export
Shape Robotics


30 Employees$32K - $3K$68K denmark41%Export
The Olde Mecklenburg Brew..

77 Employees$25K - $18K$54K united states ..95%Export
Sea Machines Robotics

autonomous command and co..

32 Employees$33K - $26K$87K united states ..56%Export
CEAD Group

innovative large-scale 3d..

83 Employees$6K - $3K$69K netherlands81%Export

connecting the world one ..

15 Employees$41K - $34K$68K united states ..38%Export
TurinTech AI

unlock the full potential..

33 Employees$10K - $16K$90K united kingdom..21%Export

a coach in every pocket: ..

64 Employees$30K - $38K$73K united kingdom..52%Export

deliver a better tomorrow..

16 Employees$28K - $26K$60K united states ..9%Export

the leading soil carbon m..

49 Employees$36K - $28K$60K united states ..39%Export
Hive Learning

empower and engage: the a..

66 Employees$3K - $8K$64K united kingdom..96%Export

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Using MailChimp for WordPress for finding leads

The list of companies using MailChimp for WordPress offers immense value. It serves as a reservoir of potential leads that can supercharge any sales team's efforts to find new, profitable opportunities.

This streamlined and carefully constructed list represents a diverse range of organizations, each interacting with the critical functions of MailChimp for WordPress. As such, this list's value is multifold - sales teams that choose to leverage it will be handing themselves several pivotal benefits.

Firstly, understand that these firms have already demonstrated a willingness to invest in sophisticated, premium plugins to expand and cultivate their subscriber lists. They understand the significance of email marketing, indicating both technological aptitude and a keen interest in growing their digital presence.

This knowledge provides sales teams with an inherent advantage. When contacting these businesses, the foundation for discussion is already set. Teams can focus on how their product or service further empowers the company's existing practices, instead of trying to convince them of the importance of email marketing.

Moreover, being able to pinpoint companies who have embraced MailChimp for WordPress can also serve as an indicator of their business size and potential budget. Usually, businesses willing to commit to such tools are often mid-sized to large enterprises with the budget for marketing technology.

Additionally, the breadth of businesses found within the list creates a flexibility that most sales strategies could greatly benefit from. Whether a sales team's product or service would be better suited toward a specific industry or a general demographic, they can find suitable targets amongst the companies that utilize MailChimp for WordPress.

Thus, this list is a powerful tool and time-saving resource for every sales team. It helps identify businesses that have shown a clear commitment to email marketing, thereby bypassing the need to filter through thousands of potential leads for technological alignment.

Sales teams can employ this list to refine their prospecting strategy, greatly increase their contact precision, and ultimately, experience a higher conversion rate. It's a testament to the potential of targeted, efficient lead sourcing and offers sales teams a clear pathway toward prospective clients actively engaged in the evolving world of digital marketing.

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