Companies using Partnerize

Partnerize is a partnership management solution that focuses on providing high-quality and scalable subsidies to primary channels. It is designed for marketers who are looking for reliable and effective ways to manage partnerships with other businesses. With Partnerize, marketers can build and manage partnerships at scale, optimize partner performance, and measure the ROI of their partnerships in real-time. This platform enables businesses to leverage partnerships to drive revenue growth, expand into new markets, and reach new customers. By streamlining the partnership process and providing essential tools and insights, Partnerize empowers marketers to create long-term, profitable relationships with other businesses.

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720 companies are currently using Partnerize



advice, insights and ephe..

43 Employees$34K - $45K$58K united states ..60%Export

the new generation of loy..

4 Employees$5K - $37K$79K united kingdom..25%Export
Freedom Trail Foundation

21 Employees$25K - $15K$63K united states ..61%Export

play, share & connect.

19 Employees$47K - $23K$88K spain99%Export
South Sydney Rabbitohs

oldest • proudest • loude..

165 Employees$21K - $22K$76K australia54%Export
The Sporting News

beyond the score, since 1..

136 Employees$30K - $28K$55K united states ..36%Export
Canada Jetlines

canada jetlines, the quin..

88 Employees$34K - $16K$62K canada37%Export
Exbabylon IT Solutions

local. 35 amazing humans...

23 Employees$38K - $46K$86K united states ..
Brit Movie Tours

the uk's original and bes..

13 Employees$26K - $30K$99K united kingdom..29%Export
Bernie's Best

healthy dogs. happy lives..

9 Employees$4K - $25K$67K united states ..40%Export
Scout Media Network

58 Employees$17K - $5K$96K united states ..41%Export

sports | culture | gear -..

13 Employees$40K - $45K$73K united states ..1%Export
Cat Depot

the resource for rescue, ..

25 Employees$21K - $29K$99K united states ..73%Export
Joyería Marcos

10 Employees$26K - $15K$76K spain45%Export
Greater Huntsville Humane..

ghhs is a local, no-kill,..

20 Employees$10K - $9K$79K united states ..69%Export

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Using Partnerize for finding leads

The list of companies using Partnerize offers significant value for sales teams looking to identify potential leads. As the only partnership management solution focused on providing high-quality, scalable subsidies to primary channels, Partnerize is utilized by a diverse range of businesses. This inclusion signifies a company's commitment to strategic growth, making them prime prospects for further services that align with that goal.

Benefit from industry segmentation, allowing sales teams to narrow down the list according to specific sectors. This enables more targeted prospecting initiatives, as it simplifies the daunting task of filtering out the most promising leads among many. Individuals can better align their offerings with the needs of organizations within certain industries, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Moreover, by knowing which companies are already employing Partnerize, sales teams gain insight into the operational standards and strategic direction of these businesses. They can leverage this understanding to craft more appealing, custom-tailored pitches. The personalization that comes from knowing a prospect's current tech stack can foster a more engaging conversation that increases the chances of conversion.

Observe the size of companies using Partnerize, this essential demographic detail can be fundamental in shaping different products or service strategies. For smaller companies, a sales team might present a lower-cost solution or a payment spread over a more extended period, while larger ventures may be more apt to a premium pricing model that provides more comprehensive results.

Moreover, by assessing the geographical distribution of businesses using Partnerize software, it becomes evident where the market is saturated and, conversely, where there are untapped opportunities. This geographical data can empower sales teams to strategize their approach based on the physical location of a potential lead, potentially addressing distinct regional needs or trends.

In summary, the list of companies using Partnerize holds immense value for sales teams. Its expansive yet precise catalog of prospects, segmented by industry, company size, and geography, can greatly streamline the lead identification process, optimizing the potential for successful outreach and lead conversion.

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