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Oracle Maxymiser is a web technology platform that provides real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendations. It allows website owners to tailor their website content and offerings to individual users based on their behavior and preferences. With Oracle Maxymiser, website owners can identify and analyze user behavior, segment users into groups, and create personalized experiences for each group. These personalized experiences can include targeted content, promotions, and product recommendations to increase engagement and conversion rates. The platform also offers A/B testing and multivariate testing capabilities, allowing website owners to experiment with different variations of their website and optimize for the best-performing version. Overall, Oracle Maxymiser aims to improve website performance by delivering relevant content and experiences to users, resulting in increased engagement, retention, and revenue.

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682 companies are currently using Oracle Maxymiser


UCLA Health

for 60+ years, ucla healt..

14,450 Employees$35K - $37K$62K united states ..71%Export
Astound Commerce

astound commerce propels ..

1,177 Employees$27K - $40K$55K united states ..98%Export

business grows here

19,596 Employees$36K - $11K$85K united states ..69%Export

travelers – taking care o..

41,129 Employees$19K - $45K$67K united states ..35%Export
Sakura Finetek USA

we are committed to advan..

195 Employees$39K - $25K$70K united states ..1%Export
Digital River

Global Commerce, Simplifi..

798 Employees$36K - $45K$72K united states ..81%Export

kaspersky. bring on the f..

3,839 Employees$33K - $14K$77K switzerland20%Export
OMRON Healthcare, Inc.

omron's market-leading pr..

328 Employees$7K - $13K$76K united states ..76%Export
Latitude Financial Servic..

we're revolutionising how..

1,017 Employees$15K - $20K$71K australia59%Export
National Express LTD

great value travel for al..

1,652 Employees$44K - $43K$51K united kingdom..74%Export
City of Atlanta

your possibilities are en..

4,342 Employees$15K - $12K$54K united states ..72%Export
Royal London

we’re the uk’s largest mu..

3,039 Employees$3K - $20K$61K united kingdom..47%Export

13,454 Employees$25K - $43K$82K united states ..7%Export
Plan International UK

plan international uk is ..

221 Employees$12K - $4K$99K united kingdom..49%Export

ferrari, italian excellen..

9,411 Employees$24K - $24K$81K italy82%Export

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Using Oracle Maxymiser for finding leads

The list of companies using Oracle Maxymiser can serve as a comprehensive resource for sales teams seeking to identify potential leads. Oracle Maxymiser, being a real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendation platform, is widely adopted by businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and tailor their marketing strategies.

Armed with this list, sales teams can better orient their prospecting strategies, understanding the needs of their potential clients based on their current technology adoption. For instance, if a company is using Oracle Maxymiser, it implies they value personalized customer experiences and data-driven decision-making. Hence, businesses offering complementary solutions or services can identify and reach out to these companies with customized proposals, effectively facilitating lead generation.

Moreover, seeing the variety of industries represented in the list can also provide insights into emerging markets or verticals for products or services that align with Oracle Maxymiser's functionalities.

Additionally, recognizing competitors' clients can empower sales teams with the knowledge of which businesses are potentially open to similar solutions. Such information can provide a competitive edge and shape the approach towards lead conversion.

Overall, a curated list of companies leveraging Oracle Maxymiser has the potential to enhance lead prospecting by offering insights into market trends, potential client needs, and competitive strategies.

Make your sales data-driven.

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