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Optimizely is an experimentation platform that enables developers to create and execute A/B tests on websites. It allows developers to implement changes to a website's design, functionality, or content, and observe how these modifications impact the user experience. By analyzing the data collected during these experiments, they can make informed decisions about which version of the site performs better with users. Optimizely provides a visual editor, so non-developers can also make changes in real-time without coding knowledge. The platform offers a variety of features such as multivariate testing, personalization, and audience targeting that enable teams to tailor experiences for different users based on their demographics or behavior. With Optimizely's easy-to-use interface, developers can create and run tests quickly and efficiently, boosting conversion rates and improving user engagement.

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33,265 companies are currently using Optimizely



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93 Employees$26K - $38K$99K united states ..97%Export
Mighty Networks

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128 Employees$9K - $15K$73K united states ..12%Export
True Botanicals

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97 Employees$26K - $21K$85K united states ..6%Export
Zen Educate

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548 Employees$36K - $47K$82K united kingdom..85%Export

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164 Employees$32K - $42K$84K united states ..86%Export

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149 Employees$39K - $42K$63K united states ..12%Export

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213 Employees$11K - $44K$56K united states ..3%Export

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40 Employees$18K - $4K$53K united states ..62%Export

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196 Employees$48K - $30K$73K united states ..50%Export

let the outside in®

159 Employees$30K - $40K$87K united states ..44%Export
KiwiCo, Inc.

kiwico develops engaging ..

173 Employees$8K - $6K$74K united states ..51%Export

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Using Optimizely for finding leads

This compilation of companies adopting Optimizely serves as a powerful tool for sales teams to identify potential leads. As Optimizely is a renowned experimentation platform used for A/B testing of websites, businesses employing this technology highlight their dedication to delivering an optimized digital experience. Engaging with these companies gives sales teams a unique bridge for promoting products or services that complement or enhance digital optimization processes.

For sales teams offering products or services in line with digital transition, user experience design, web development, or data-driven marketing, this list acts as a gold mine of potential customers. By identifying businesses that are already invested in web optimization, sales teams can accurately aim their marketing strategies to suit an audience which recognizes the value of such technological adoption.

Equally important, understanding what industries and types of businesses are employing Optimizely can help sales teams find patterns and broaden their market understanding. They can discern potential areas where their offerings might be of worth, thereby more precisely segmenting and targeting their ideal customer profiles.

The list eliminates the initial step of identifying businesses that are technologically inclined and aids in focusing the sale efforts on promising prospects. By targeting businesses who acknowledge the significance of digital optimization and the value of A/B testing, sales teams invest their time and resources effectively to drive successful prospects.

In summary, this list of companies using Optimizely not only helps sales teams streamline lead prospecting process, but also positions their offerings before an identified market that appreciates the efficiency, the process improvements, and the game-changing outcomes that technology can offer. As the landscape of digital optimization becomes more advanced, this list is an indispensable resource for sales teams to effectively position their product or service offerings.

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