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Occasion is an online booking system that allows users to make reservations for various events and activities. With Occasion, customers can browse available options, select a date and time that suits them, and reserve their spot directly through the platform. The system is designed to be user-friendly for both business owners and customers, making it easy to manage bookings, communicate with customers, and keep track of important information such as payment details and reservation history. Occasion can be used for a wide range of purposes, from booking fitness classes and spa treatments to reserving tables at restaurants or scheduling private tours. Overall, Occasion is a convenient and efficient solution for businesses looking to streamline their booking process and offer a seamless experience to customers.

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83 companies are currently using Occasion


Idea Foundry

makerspace, event space, ..

12 Employees$18K - $14K$67K united states ..4%Export
The Culinary Center of Ka..

cooking classes, private ..

15 Employees$18K - $30K$51K united states ..81%Export

13 Employees$8K - $5K$62K united states ..100%Export
The Paint Mixer

create. connect. play. ho..

7 Employees$43K - $46K$53K united states ..7%Export
cambridge school of culin..

igniting culinary passion..

52 Employees$20K - $36K$58K united states ..39%Export
The Brooklyn Kitchen

a growing network of fran..

2 Employees$28K - $29K$86K united states ..45%Export
Cucina Bambini

cooking fun for everyone

3 Employees$42K - $15K$74K united states ..51%Export
Home Cooking New York

3 Employees$10K - $7K$51K united states ..48%Export
Creative Color Art Studio..

fun, friends & a true art..

7 Employees$20K - $36K$83K united states ..93%Export
Naperville Convention & V..

meetings, leisure & touri..

1 Employees$3K - $2K$60K united states ..94%Export
The 567 Center for Renewa..

bringing creative life to..

12 Employees$28K - $47K$63K united states ..14%Export
paints n cocktails Inc

5 Employees$37K - $38K$70K united states ..40%Export
Cheryl Wallace Soul Heali..

the power of healing natu..

1 Employees$36K - $22K$79K united states ..64%Export
Anywhere ATP

the military aviator’s si..

2 Employees$37K - $33K$70K united states ..10%Export
Studio Vino

uncork your creativity™

5 Employees$31K - $10K$53K australia70%Export

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Using Occasion for finding leads

A list of companies using the Occasion online booking system presents a rich opportunity for sales teams. It is a reservoir of potential leads who are already familiar with digital systems for managing appointments and events - a telling indicator of their propensity to invest in technological solutions to streamline their operations.

Searching through companies using Occasion can unveil entities that are active in varying industries, from hospitality, event management to retail and many more. Each one of them has acknowledged the importance of digital transformation in some aspect of their business, making them prime candidates for other complimentary or more advance technology offerings.

The value of this list is twofold. First, it reveals companies that highly value efficiency and customer convenience - principles at the heart of the Occasion system. Second, it displays firms that are likely willing to embrace other digital tools to further enhance their operations or customer service.

By reaching out to these leads, sales teams can leverage the company's existing familiarity with Occasion. By drawing parallels between their product and the operational benefits seen through Occasion, they can paint a compelling picture of potential further improvements. This common understanding can serve as an ice breaker, creating a conversation around shared values and common business goals.

Finally, following updates and expansion of companies on this list can provide insight into their growth trajectory. If a company is persistently leveraging technology to expand, it may be open to more solutions to sustain this growth. Thus, the list also serves as an indicator of leads that might need additional technologies in the future.

In essence, a directory of companies using Occasion is a valuable tool for lead generation as it points sales teams towards potential clients who have demonstrated their readiness to use tech-based solutions to drive their business forward.

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