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Trumba is a web-hosted event calendar software that allows users to publish online, interactive calendars of events. It offers features such as custom event details, registration forms, and filters to help users organize and promote their events effectively. With Trumba, users can also create email reminders, integrate their calendars into websites or social media platforms, and track RSVPs. Its web-based interface makes it easy for users to manage their calendars from anywhere, and the software is accessible on any device with an internet connection. Overall, Trumba provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and organizations looking to manage and promote their events through an online platform.

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819 companies are currently using Trumba


Injury Prevention Researc..

IPRCE seeks to mitigate t..

5 Employees$22K - $14K$77K united states ..33%Export
Guide Dogs for the Blind

harnessing the power of p..

512 Employees$49K - $38K$64K united states ..11%Export
International Society of ..

the isn is a global profe..

107 Employees$2K - $8K$84K belgium31%Export
Network Lead Exchange

the future of networking

16 Employees$45K - $7K$54K united states ..63%Export
Indiana Public Media / WT..

indiana public media comp..

62 Employees$34K - $31K$55K united states ..65%Export
Marine Biological Laborat..

a nonprofit institution d..

414 Employees$40K - $9K$74K united states ..69%Export
montgomery county office ..

the inspector general ide..

14 Employees$13K - $40K$53K united states ..6%Export
City of New Orleans

#cityofyes @cityofnola @m..

1,590 Employees$16K - $49K$70K united states ..53%Export
Jefferson-Madison Regiona..

grow. learn. connect.

76 Employees$40K - $36K$65K united states ..1%Export
Shoreline Community Colle..

invest in your future

846 Employees$3K - $13K$63K united states ..85%Export
University of Washington ..

42 Employees$5K - $46K$62K united states ..4%Export
clackamas community colle..

830 Employees$37K - $1K$69K united states ..50%Export
Mt. Washington Pediatric ..

mt. washington pediatric ..

329 Employees$37K - $50K$78K united states ..54%Export
university of wyoming low..

pro bono tax clinic servi..

3 Employees$1K - $10K$55K united states ..1%Export
Pellissippi State Communi..

we offer a transformative..

1,082 Employees$17K - $34K$76K united states ..64%Export

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Using Trumba for finding leads

This list serves as a comprehensive catalog of companies effectively utilizing Trumba, a leading provider of web-hosted event calendar software, to publish interactive online calendars of events. There's evident value encapsulated in this repository, helping businesses in the technology ecosystem glean insightful market trends and identify potential leads for their sales teams.

Staying updated with the companies on this list not only keeps businesses informed about their respective market landscapes but also paves the way to identify potential customers as well. Comprehensive understanding of this holistic database can aid sales teams in formulating strategic objections to better penetrate geographical and vertical markets where Trumba is extensively used.

For businesses who offer complementary services or technologies that could enhance a Trumba user's experience, using this list to find leads can be quite beneficial. For instance, companies offering integrations, apps to support Trumba, or offer event management related services may find their perfect target audience clustered within this databank.

Additionally, the list can reveal potential partnership opportunities. Businesses can discover companies which may not be directly competing with them but share a common customer base. This could lead to strategic collaborations that expand market reach.

Moreover, it's a goldmine for sales teams offering alternative or competitive technologies. Understanding the pain points of Trumba users and observing the reasons why certain companies decide to utilize Trumba can guide these teams in crafting a poised sales narrative. It provides valuable ammunition for teams to articulate how their solution may better address user's needs.

To conclude, the utility of this list of companies using Trumba lies not only in generating leads, but also in its capacity to inform a company's strategic planning. It acts as a springboard for comprehending market trends, identifying potential customers, discerning prospects for partnerships, and generating competitive sales strategies, thereby paving the way for successful business ventures.

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