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Nudgify is a Social Proof & FOMO (fear of missing out) App tool that works with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. It helps online businesses to build trust with their customers by showing social proof notifications such as recent purchases, product reviews, and other on-site activities in real-time. These notifications create a sense of urgency and scarcity, which motivates visitors to make quick buying decisions. Nudgify offers various notification types, including Recent Activity, Product Views, Reviews, Countdown Timers, and more, which can be customized according to the brand's requirements. With Nudgify, online retailers can improve their conversion rates and boost sales by creating a sense of trust and credibility among their website visitors.

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232 companies are currently using Nudgify



changing the way 160+mill..

46 Employees$11K - $41K$88K india81%Export
My Fit Foods

eat fit. live fit.

311 Employees$6K - $39K$79K united states ..72%Export
Elevate Digital

we help passionate busine..

6 Employees$37K - $38K$82K united kingdom..30%Export

consultancy - events - tr..

11 Employees$26K - $36K$77K united kingdom..87%Export

empowering the world to t..

16 Employees$35K - $44K$68K united kingdom..21%Export

tax software for tax prof..

16 Employees$50K - $35K$86K united states ..56%Export
Red Carpet Ready

red carpet ready - the uk..

19 Employees$5K - $26K$75K united kingdom..50%Export
Rens Original

rens original is the worl..

5 Employees$1K - $42K$50K finland94%Export
RTV, Inc - Real Tour Visi..

professional photographer..

32 Employees$36K - $32K$80K united states ..99%Export
rangemaster shoulder ther..

designing and distributin..

9 Employees$48K - $35K$77K united states ..60%Export
UK Brewery Tours

Discover great beer with ..

7 Employees$12K - $47K$68K united kingdom..90%Export

du möchtest flexibel reit..

3 Employees$38K - $30K$99K switzerland10%Export

merchynt is an award-winn..

17 Employees$25K - $9K$68K united states ..27%Export

direct-to-consumer qualit..

14 Employees$39K - $19K$94K panama10%Export

integrated point of sale ..

41 Employees$7K - $6K$95K australia96%Export

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Using Nudgify for finding leads

This page presents an extensive list of companies utilizing the Nudgify technology, a coveted Social Proof & FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) App tool by e-commerce platforms. This list serves as an invaluable resource for propelling sales initiatives, identifying potential leads, and creating targeted sales strategies.

Understanding which organizations use Nudgify exposes the specific markets drawn to the benefits of this tool—accelerated conversions, enhanced user experiences, and boosted sales. By examining the profile of these companies, sales teams can glean valuable insights into industry trends, the appeal of Nudgify's features to certain sectors, and the potential to pitch similar products or supplemental services.

In the increasingly competitive ecommerce sector, companies leaning towards tools like Nudgify are likely seeking ways to improve their customer engagement and conversion rates. Knowing that a company uses Nudgify provides sales teams with the critical insight needed to develop a customized approach, stressing on their product’s ability to complement or enhance upon Nudgify's capabilities.

Moreover, considering Nudgify's integration with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, businesses listed here may be prospects for related sales offerings in the ecommerce ecosystem. For instance, businesses using Magento and Nudgify together could potentially be receptive to sales pitches about Magento-related products or services.

Finally, this list is a dynamic and evolving tool that reflects the ongoing shifts in market preference and technology adoption. Sales teams can monitor this list for changes, helping them to spot emerging markets or identify companies that may be open to new solutions. In providing such a comprehensive view of Nudgify's user-base, this list underlines its potential to streamline sales research and enhance lead prospecting efforts.

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