Companies using mod_rack

Mod_rack is a web server and application server that supports multiple programming languages including Ruby, Python and Node.js. It is a free software module that can be loaded into Apache web server to handle requests and responses from Rack-compatible web applications. Mod_rack provides an interface between the web server and the application server, allowing the web server to delegate request handling to the application server. This helps improve the performance and scalability of web applications by enabling them to handle large volumes of traffic. Additionally, mod_rack allows developers to write web applications in their preferred programming language while still running them on Apache web server.

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302 companies are currently using mod_rack



relylocal....connecting y..

28 Employees$37K - $50K$78K united states ..53%Export
On Target Recruitment Ltd..

the recruitment specialis..

51 Employees$15K - $16K$58K united kingdom..55%Export
JLB Partners

#jlbhappy #jlbgiving

135 Employees$38K - $26K$72K united states ..14%Export
Lucid Technologies, Inc

information technology, b..

81 Employees$33K - $40K$62K united states ..95%Export
National Congress of Amer..

founded in 1944, ncai is ..

79 Employees$36K - $36K$64K united states ..95%Export
George Chiala Farms

a leader in the vegetable..

83 Employees$15K - $27K$81K united states ..87%Export
Ambiente European Tile De..

ambiente is your connecte..

12 Employees$21K - $40K$57K united states ..75%Export

3 Employees$17K - $3K$92K united states ..58%Export
The Light Source, Inc.

the light source develops..

23 Employees$41K - $26K$75K united states ..54%Export
911Tracker, Inc

safety-- security-- simpl..

4 Employees$15K - $38K$76K united states ..4%Export
Graham Foundation

5 Employees$47K - $24K$58K united states ..57%Export
Ballistic Architecture Ma..

nature is an idea!

25 Employees$46K - $42K$67K china16%Export
Via Motif

via motif is a leading ma..

8 Employees$12K - $22K$79K united states ..73%Export
Ark Rehab, PSC

5 Employees$3K - $40K$86K united states ..36%Export
D R Baling Wire Manufactu..

3 Employees$30K - $19K$77K united kingdom..54%Export

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Using mod_rack for finding leads

The collection of companies adopting mod_rack represents immense value for sales teams striving to locate impactful leads. A curated directory of businesses utilizing mod_rack not only illustrates the growing trend of this technology's adoption, but also provides rich insights into the specific industries, company sizes, and regions where this server software is popular.

From startups developing Ruby, Python, or Node.js web applications, to more established technology companies optimizing their web server infrastructure - the breadth of businesses employing mod_rack is vast. Analyzing this list gives sales teams an immediate understanding of potential customers who might appreciate products or services aligning with mod_rack's functionalities.

For sales professionals in the web server and application server industry, this list could act as a vibrant pipeline of sales opportunities, as the businesses included are demonstrably interested in solutions like mod_rack. Additionally, the list can help in assessing potential fit for the sales team's offerings, based on how these businesses are already deploying server technology for Ruby, Python, or Node.js support.

Also, considering that this technology is open-source and free, businesses on this list could be prospects for premium, value-added services related to server management, troubleshooting, and optimization. Recognizing this opens up an array of lead generation possibilities, as sales teams can tailor their strategies to cater to companies' advanced requirements beyond what free software can provide.

In conclusion, the provided list of companies using mod_rack is a valuable resource that sales teams can leverage to find leads. The insights obtained from such a list can directly influence the formulation of targeted, effective, and efficient sales strategies.

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