Companies using mod_auth_pam

Mod_auth_pam is an Apache module that allows for authentication of users against the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) framework. This module uses PAM, which is a system that provides an interface to authenticate applications and services using various authentication methods such as passwords, tokens, and biometric factors.

With mod_auth_pam, Apache web servers can perform different types of authentication for users, including basic authentication, digest authentication, and form-based authentication. Once mod_auth_pam is installed and configured, it can be used to secure access to different parts of your website, directories or URLs by requiring users to provide valid credentials before accessing resources.

This module can be useful in scenarios where you don't want to store user credentials within your web application or when you'd like to use a central user database across multiple web applications. Additionally, since PAM supports numerous authentication methods, it can allow for flexible authentication methods to be used.

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538 companies are currently using mod_auth_pam


Questa Engineering Corpor..

16 Employees$8K - $1K$77K united states ..21%Export
Renbaum Medical Group

8 Employees$3K - $28K$52K united states ..66%Export
Gordon-Creed Kelley Holl ..

a bay area law firm

15 Employees$41K - $37K$61K united states ..97%Export
A&C Ventures

19 Employees$13K - $30K$70K united states ..96%Export
Zoe Design Associates

6 Employees$24K - $10K$65K united states ..100%Export
The Curious Company

great design starts with ..

4 Employees$25K - $8K$91K united states ..81%Export
Sun Frost

8 Employees$48K - $24K$60K united states ..88%Export
Legal Aid of Sonoma Count..

legal aid's mission is to..

41 Employees$35K - $28K$78K united states ..32%Export
Abeck Inc.

creativity for a modern w..

5 Employees$1K - $49K$82K united states ..23%Export
Diversified Stage

lighting | audio | video ..

4 Employees$19K - $26K$66K united states ..7%Export
Share Organics - Natural ..

northern california's lea..

5 Employees$44K - $45K$80K united states ..37%Export
Connect Tech West, LLC

providing objective it so..

1 Employees$14K - $2K$70K united states ..89%Export
System Metrics Group, Inc..

9 Employees$2K - $28K$69K united states ..15%Export
Savant Consulting

sa·vant: a person with de..

5 Employees$40K - $33K$75K united states ..78%Export
P&H Creative Group

4 Employees$30K - $20K$95K united states ..84%Export

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Using mod_auth_pam for finding leads

The list of companies that use mod_auth_pam is a valuable resource for sales teams in a number of ways. This list represents a pool of leads that have already identified the importance of robust user authentication systems in their tech stacks, suggesting they may have further needs in this area.

Understanding the current users of mod_auth_pam offers sales teams an opportunity to target their approach more effectively. By taking note of the sectors in which these companies operate, sales teams can understand the types of industries likely to find value in their offerings. They may also be able to identify trends or common challenges faced by these companies which could be addressed with relevant products or services.

In addition, the companies on this list have already demonstrated a willingness to implement technical solutions to improve their security. This makes them prime targets for services offering complementary functionalities, such as security audits, intrusion detection systems, or user identity management solutions.

What's more, these companies, having embraced the use of mod_auth_pam, are likely to periodically review their technology stack. This offers a window for sales teams to introduce new, potentially more effective solutions. Hence, the list of companies using mod_auth_pam provides crucial insight for any sales team looking to generate leads in the cybersecurity and user authentication field.

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