Companies using mod_perl

Mod_perl is an Apache module that includes a Perl interpreter within the Apache server. It enables the creation of Apache modules in the Perl programming language and also allows the dynamic configuration of Apache web servers with Perl programs. With mod_perl, Perl code can be executed directly from the Apache server process, eliminating the need for separate CGI processes. This results in increased speed and performance, especially for applications that require frequent access to the database or file system. Mod_perl provides an extensive set of APIs to interact with the Apache server, including request processing and response generation. It can also handle all HTTP requests without invoking external scripts like CGI. Mod_perl accelerates the execution of Perl-based web applications by preloading modules into memory, giving them faster access to resources. Additionally, it supports persistent database connections and session management, which helps in maintaining the state of the application across multiple requests.

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7,815 companies are currently using mod_perl



successful b2b marketers ..

142 Employees$21K - $10K$100K united states ..45%Export
Paradise Jets

helping clients navigate ..

22 Employees$41K - $29K$80K united states ..98%Export
Goldstone Partners, Inc.

strategic talent scouts |..

11 Employees$20K - $18K$85K united states ..85%Export
Project Partners, LLC

the world’s foremost expe..

29 Employees$6K - $39K$88K united states ..56%Export
Paragon Innovations

product development from ..

39 Employees$11K - $2K$63K united states ..48%Export
Dodreams Ltd.

we do more than games. we..

18 Employees$28K - $2K$58K finland49%Export
ConnectedLife Health

confronting critical glob..

36 Employees$9K - $46K$69K singapore50%Export
Spaceport America

spaceport america is the ..

25 Employees$31K - $17K$62K united states ..56%Export
Savvy + Co. Real Estate

voted "charlotte's best r..

62 Employees$18K - $14K$87K united states ..64%Export
Medovent Solutions

medovent was founded with..

184 Employees$10K - $21K$65K united states ..58%Export

when quality and precisio..

11 Employees$31K - $12K$68K united states ..91%Export
Capsa Technology Inc

the amazon for invoices i..

13 Employees$24K - $27K$51K united states ..22%Export
Xiphera Ltd.

xiphera protects your val..

15 Employees$23K - $22K$95K finland94%Export
Flotech Performance Syste..

engineered products, solu..

38 Employees$41K - $9K$71K united kingdom..69%Export
John Benjamins Publishing..

an independent, family-ow..

38 Employees$8K - $35K$89K netherlands53%Export

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Using mod_perl for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing mod_perl is a valuable prospecting tool. With a better understanding of these companies, sales teams can refine their target audience and identify potential leads more effectively. Focused on businesses that already recognize the value of a seamless Perl implementation within the Apache HTTP server, these teams can tailor their messaging to align with the needs and pain points of these potential customers.

Having a curated list of companies using mod_perl enables sales teams to analyze an industry's trends and deduce which sectors could benefit from their own Perl-equipped offerings. By leveraging this list, they can find groups that are more likely to be interested, increasing conversion rates and efficiency.

Additionally, awareness of the competitors for each company listed allows for more insightful discussions with potential leads. A deep understanding of what these businesses are looking for in a mod_perl solution and their pain points lays a stronger foundation for successful interactions and proposals.

Fully grasping the operational intricacies of the different kinds of companies on the mod_perl list, sales teams can customize their approach, making their selling propositions more relatable and compelling.

In summary, a comprehensive list of companies using mod_perl guides sales teams towards identifying potential leads with increased precision and effectiveness while reducing the scrolling through an ocean of unqualified prospects. It offers deeper insight into the target market, supporting the development of more targeted and impactful sales strategies.

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