Companies using mod_fastcgi

Mod_fastcgi is an Apache module that allows for the running of dynamic web applications in a highly performant and scalable manner. It works by creating a pool of processes or threads to handle incoming requests, which can be reused for subsequent requests, thereby reducing overhead and improving speed.

Unlike traditional CGI, where a new process is spawned for each request, mod_fastcgi maintains persistent connections between the web server and the application server, enabling faster data transfer and reducing the delay associated with process creation.

Mod_fastcgi also supports multiple programming languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl, and can be used with various web servers, such as Apache and Nginx.

Overall, mod_fastcgi is a valuable tool for web developers looking to improve the performance and scalability of their dynamic web applications. By allowing for the reuse of processes, maintaining persistent connections, and supporting multiple programming languages, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for handling concurrent requests from web clients.

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1,402 companies are currently using mod_fastcgi


Junction AI

fine tuning the last mile..

16 Employees$2K - $42K$51K united states ..95%Export
Grupo Erik Editores

nuestra misión es alcanza..

114 Employees$16K - $14K$61K spain73%Export
American Weathermakers

we won't be comfortable u..

24 Employees$20K - $23K$93K united states ..33%Export

especialistas en lubricac..

25 Employees$4K - $29K$73K spain78%Export

le média référence de l'é..

8 Employees$24K - $30K$79K france14%Export
American Weathermakers In..

"We are not comfortable u..

7 Employees$21K - $45K$51K united states ..66%Export
Wave House

18 Employees$24K - $25K$90K united states ..61%Export
Ascot Staffing

21 Employees$10K - $9K$100K united states ..85%Export
Neocontrol S.A.

build a new way of living..

14 Employees$15K - $40K$95K brazil38%Export

duehome es una tienda onl..

13 Employees$33K - $41K$81K spain5%Export

invisible orthodontics cr..

17 Employees$38K - $39K$97K spain10%Export

we craft the ultimate fus..

14 Employees$5K - $5K$86K spain32%Export
Volleyballclub GREENYARD ..

20 Employees$11K - $39K$59K belgium23%Export
Synergy Benefits & Wellne..

employee benefit advisors..

10 Employees$22K - $28K$61K united states ..45%Export
Arteries Studio Ltd.

web and smartphone applic..

35 Employees$50K - $24K$86K hungary23%Export

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The list of companies using mod_fastcgi provides a targeted roadmap for sales teams seeking to find leads in the realm of high-performance web technologies. By focusing on these companies, sales teams are spared from investing valuable resources into cold or non-strategic leads.

This listing adds significant value by honing in on businesses that have a demonstrated interest in leveraging powerful web servers, implying a commitment towards optimising their online presence. Companies using mod_fastcgi are likely to appreciate technologies that enhance the speed and efficiency of web servers, which indicates openness to related products and services. Accordingly, this list may be beneficial for companies offering complementary technologies, consulting services, or anything else that helps businesses achieve substantial performance.

Furthermore, listed companies may be inclined towards technological improvements and could be potentially interested in newer, faster, or more efficient solutions. This presents an opportunity for companies to pitch improved or supplementary solutions.

In conclusion, the list of mod_fastcgi-using companies serves as a powerful tool in the hands of sales teams, providing focused, relevant, and fertile ground for potential leads.

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