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MDS Brand is a company that offers a variety of web technologies and services to businesses in the Marine, RV, Powersports, and automotive industries. These services include website design and development, customer relationship management (CRM), virtual business development center (BDC), search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and live chat solutions. MDS Brand aims to provide comprehensive digital solutions that help businesses optimize their online presence, increase traffic to their websites, and ultimately drive sales. By specializing in these industries, MDS Brand has developed expertise in understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses in these markets. Through its range of services, MDS Brand provides businesses with the tools they need to establish a strong online presence, engage with customers, and grow their businesses in a competitive market.

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24 companies are currently using MDS Brand


MDS Brand

digital solutions with a ..

13 Employees$32K - $37K$82K united states ..94%Export
Tobler Marina

we have the boat to fit y..

19 Employees$8K - $4K$85K united states ..37%Export
Boat Town, Inc.

austin's oldest and fines..

19 Employees$43K - $42K$59K united states ..21%Export
Candlewood East Marina

19 Employees$6K - $49K$94K united states ..99%Export
M & P Mercury / M & P Yac..

canada's #1 boat & yacht ..

31 Employees$44K - $42K$54K canada100%Export
American Marine

let's go boating!

54 Employees$47K - $26K$54K united states ..72%Export
Little River Boatworld In..

first on the shuswap

9 Employees$23K - $9K$86K canada11%Export

1 Employees$47K - $46K$92K united states ..50%Export
Irwin Marine

full service marinas on l..

35 Employees$41K - $47K$51K united states ..91%Export
Big Thunder Marine at Oza..

big thunder marine is lak..

15 Employees$14K - $12K$52K united states ..11%Export
Long Lake Marina, Naples ..

11 Employees$39K - $21K$60K united states ..93%Export
N3 Boatworks

12 Employees$6K - $13K$89K united states ..44%Export
Bonita Boat Ctr

3 Employees$13K - $45K$65K united states ..6%Export
California Boat Company, ..

the bay areas premier boa..

2 Employees$22K - $18K$70K -88%Export
Water World Marine

1 Employees$28K - $30K$91K united states ..31%Export

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Using MDS Brand for finding leads

The list of companies leveraging the MDS Brand services is a valuable sourcing tool for sales teams aiming at finding promising leads within specific industries – namely, Marine, RV, Powersports, and Automotive.

The tangible value of this list lies at the intersection of targeted prospecting and industry comprehension. By exploring it, sales teams have instant access to a pre-created directory of companies that already understand the necessity and advantages of digital marketing solutions, which include website development, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), virtual BDC (Business Development Center), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-per-Click), and live chat features. Such companies are more prone to seeing the value in additional or alternative digital solutions, opening the door for meaningful sales conversations.

Equipped with these insights, sales teams can bypass the initial step of seeking out potential clients and instead shift their focus directly to engagement. It eliminates the time typically spent on broad market research or mass marketing, aiming aimlessly and hoping to reach a responsive audience.

Importantly, the list also provides insights into the business needs of companies active in the targeted industries, empowering sales teams to tailor their pitches more effectively. They can draft informed proposals that resonate with these potential clients, reflecting their proven interest in such solutions.

Finally, such a list of companies using MDS Brand allows sales teams to identify and study competitors of potential leads. Knowledge about a prospect's competition can often support the process of crafting a proposal that outshines those of competitors, making it a valuable tool in the sales arsenal.

In conclusion, the availability of a comprehensive list of MDS Brand-using companies is a powerful resource for sales teams looking for leads within Marine, RV, Powersports, and Automotive industries. It streamlines the lead sourcing process, enhances industry understanding, simplifies engagement, and helps to prepare compelling sales pitches.

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