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NationBuilder is a software platform designed to empower political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and businesses to create and manage their online presence, engage with their supporters and grow their communities. The platform offers a suite of tools that can be used by any organization - regardless of its size or budget - to effectively communicate and mobilize their audience.

At its core, NationBuilder is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows users to collect and organize data on their supporters, including their contact information, interests and social media profiles. This data can then be used to personalize communications and target specific groups of people with tailored messages.

One of the key features of NationBuilder is its website builder, which allows users to quickly create a professional-looking website without any coding experience. The platform also has built-in email marketing tools, social media integration, fundraising capabilities, event management and volunteer coordination features, among other things.

Additionally, NationBuilder offers a range of analytics and reporting tools to help users monitor their progress and make data-driven decisions about their outreach efforts. By using these tools, organizations can track their engagement rates, donor conversion rates, social media reach and other important metrics.

Overall, NationBuilder is a powerful tool for organizations looking to build their online presence, engage with their audience and grow their support base. While it is primarily marketed towards political campaigns and nonprofits, it can be used by any type of organization that wants to improve its outreach and communication strategies.

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1,219 companies are currently using NationBuilder


Instituto Familiar de la ..

promoting health and heal..

94 Employees$7K - $22K$97K united states ..92%Export
Community-Based Research ..

cbrc promotes the health ..

52 Employees$32K - $49K$66K canada91%Export

software powering nonprof..

108 Employees$34K - $22K$89K united states ..100%Export
Jewish Funders Network

the global networking org..

33 Employees$31K - $11K$70K united states ..1%Export
ALDE Party

the home of european libe..

63 Employees$41K - $49K$59K belgium60%Export
arts for la

22 Employees$15K - $35K$64K united states ..53%Export
Americans For Safe Access..

ensuring safe and legal a..

28 Employees$43K - $25K$52K united states ..58%Export
Iron & Earth

fossil fuel industry and ..

52 Employees$3K - $28K$95K canada30%Export
Central American Resource..

we are the largest centra..

79 Employees$13K - $9K$92K united states ..71%Export
Tectonica Digital Campaig..

creating a seismic shift ..

12 Employees$4K - $41K$54K spain82%Export
Catskill Mountainkeeper

we protect our region's w..

7 Employees$12K - $36K$81K united states ..33%Export

the worldwide lgbt aviati..

19 Employees$47K - $40K$86K united states ..29%Export
Australian Conservation F..

we won’t give up until au..

152 Employees$25K - $20K$92K australia10%Export
Safe Place for Youth

72 Employees$10K - $40K$87K united states ..25%Export
National Association of L..

for over 20 years, nalip ..

31 Employees$31K - $3K$84K united states ..76%Export

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Using NationBuilder for finding leads

The list of companies using NationBuilder can serve as a powerful resource for sales teams. This comprehensive database is an essential asset to those targeting businesses that utilize content management and customer relationship management (CRM) software, as NationBuilder represents a solution employed by a wide variety of organizations.

Offering key insights and facilitating connection-building, the list can prove instrumental in identifying potential leads. By analyzing and understanding the types of businesses that employ NationBuilder, sales teams can tailor their approach to resonate with similar organizations, increasing their chances of successful outreach.

The list can also contribute to the improvement of market segmentation. Sales teams can divide their prospective lead base according to the businesses in the list, allowing for more targeted and efficient lead prospecting and outreach. This custom approach based on real-world data may increase the effectiveness of their sales techniques, potentially leading to higher conversion rates and return on investment.

Furthermore, knowing that an organization uses NationBuilder can aid in establishing common ground during the initial stages of connection and can also help in crafting more compelling, solution-oriented presentations of a product or service that align with NationBuilder functionality.

In conclusion, the list of companies using NationBuilder can streamline and enhance your lead prospecting efforts. By providing essential information on businesses already using this technology, the list paves the way for more targeted, efficient, and successful sales initiatives.

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