CiviCRM is an open-source web-based software that is used for constituency relationship management. It offers a wide range of features to help organizations manage their interactions with donors, members, volunteers, and other constituents. These features include contact management, membership management, event management, fundraising, email marketing, and more. CiviCRM is designed to be internationalized, which means it can support multiple languages, currencies, and time zones. This makes it a popular choice for non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and political campaigns that operate in multiple countries. Being open-source, CiviCRM is free to use and can be customized according to the organization's specific needs. It also has an active community of developers who contribute to its development and offer support to users. Overall, CiviCRM is a comprehensive tool for managing constituency relationships, allowing organizations to efficiently track and engage with their supporters.

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660 Companies using CiviCRM

Brazilian Chamber of Comm..

visible • influential • u..

15$29K - $33K$541 united kingdom..75%
St. Charles Parish Govern..

Official page for St. Cha..

145$5K - $31K$30K united states ..83%
Advanced Employment Servi..

Montana’s Premier Recruit..

7$39K - $36K$2K united states ..92%
Compensation Advisory Par..

providing independence, e..

39$47K - $41K$15K united states ..91%
Building Our Future

Community Unites. Student..

6$41K - $48K$95K united states ..85%
Senior Resources of Guilf..

30$23K - $25K$60K united states ..77%
American Heritage Publish..

7$4K - $35K$91K united states ..42%
Hampshire Independents

We are standing up for th..

-$30K - $49K$945 united kingdom..78%
Jim Robbins and Associate..

6$32K - $24K$4K united states ..36%
Vivient Consulting

-$28K - $30K$0 united states ..83%
American Physicians Netwo..

Making exceptional health..

-$22K - $26K$2K united states ..91%

open source, community dr..

7$3K - $29K$136K -75%
Southwest Organizing Proj..

34$20K - $49K$6K united states ..91%
The New Zealand Dance Com..

we are #nzdc and we move ..

26$5K - $36K$89K new zealand29%
D&J Construction Co Ltd

Bermuda's Leading General..

27$37K - $28K$69K bermuda11%

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How to use CiviCRM

CiviCRM is a powerful tool for managing relationships with your constituents, whether they are donors, volunteers, members, or clients. Here are the steps to use CiviCRM effectively:

  1. Install and set up CiviCRM: You can download CiviCRM from their website and follow the installation instructions to set it up on your server.

  2. Configure CiviCRM settings: Once installed, you need to configure the settings such as setting up payment processors, configuring email and communication settings, and creating custom fields.

  3. Import your contacts: CiviCRM allows you to import your existing contact lists into the system. You can also create new contacts manually.

  4. Manage your contacts: You can use CiviCRM to manage all aspects of your contacts' information, including personal details, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and other custom data.

  5. Track interactions: CiviCRM allows you to track all interactions with your contacts, including emails, phone calls, meetings, and donations.

  6. Engage with your contacts: You can use CiviCRM to engage with your contacts by sending emails, newsletters, and event invitations.

  7. Monitor your progress: CiviCRM provides powerful reporting tools to help you monitor your progress and analyze your data. You can generate reports on your fundraising efforts, event attendance, volunteer activity, and much more.

  8. Extend CiviCRM functionality: CiviCRM is highly extensible, and you can add new features and functionality through extensions and integrations with other software platforms.

To get the most out of CiviCRM, it's essential to take the time to set it up properly and learn how to use its many features effectively. CiviCRM offers extensive documentation, user guides, and an active community forum to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

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