Companies using CiviCRM

CiviCRM is an open-source web-based software that is used for constituency relationship management. It offers a wide range of features to help organizations manage their interactions with donors, members, volunteers, and other constituents. These features include contact management, membership management, event management, fundraising, email marketing, and more.

CiviCRM is designed to be internationalized, which means it can support multiple languages, currencies, and time zones. This makes it a popular choice for non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and political campaigns that operate in multiple countries.

Being open-source, CiviCRM is free to use and can be customized according to the organization's specific needs. It also has an active community of developers who contribute to its development and offer support to users.

Overall, CiviCRM is a comprehensive tool for managing constituency relationships, allowing organizations to efficiently track and engage with their supporters.

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924 companies are currently using CiviCRM


Texas Advocacy Project, I..

all texans should live fr..

51 Employees$18K - $5K$78K united states ..67%Export
Center for Constitutional..

justice takes a fight.

66 Employees$35K - $11K$95K united states ..13%Export
United Way Monterey Count..

united way fights for fin..

26 Employees$9K - $10K$77K united states ..11%Export
United Way of Tri-County

a community-building orga..

40 Employees$42K - $7K$51K united states ..100%Export
London Cycling Campaign

the voice of cyclists in ..

39 Employees$3K - $33K$70K united kingdom..19%Export
Fabian Society

the future of the left si..

42 Employees$9K - $2K$78K united kingdom..46%Export
International Mountain Bi..

worldwide leader in mount..

47 Employees$14K - $32K$70K united states ..5%Export
Privacy International

33 Employees$14K - $5K$68K united kingdom..7%Export
United Way of Kenosha Cou..

united way fights for the..

10 Employees$39K - $47K$81K united states ..73%Export
Brazilian Chamber of Comm..

visible • influential • u..

15 Employees$46K - $44K$54K united kingdom..12%Export
Catholic Legal Immigratio..

promoting the dignity and..

62 Employees$8K - $21K$91K united states ..79%Export
Brain & Behavior Research..

100% of every dollar dona..

29 Employees$20K - $10K$62K united states ..8%Export
Journalism and Women Symp..

supporting the profession..

26 Employees$19K - $43K$91K united states ..76%Export
The Sedona Conference

moving the law forward in..

38 Employees$35K - $15K$68K united states ..10%Export
Engineering Ministries In..

designing a world of hope..

187 Employees$6K - $3K$91K united states ..63%Export

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Using CiviCRM for finding leads

Exploring a comprehensive listing of companies utilizing CiviCRM can significantly impact sales teams' prospecting efforts. This collection holds immense potential owing to the rich insight it provides into a unique market segment.

CiviCRM is a web-based suite for constituency relationship management, used across various industries worldwide. This makes the firms using this software a diverse group of potential leads, presenting numerous chances to tap into a wide spectrum of company sizes and sectors.

By accessing the list, sales teams can identify organizations already cognizant of the value open-source solutions bring, such as CiviCRM. This recognition eases the initial stages of the sales cycle as there's an existing understanding and appreciation for such solutions, potentially shortening the sales process.

Moreover, knowing a company is using CiviCRM can uncover potential needs or gaps in their existing systems. The software’s primary use cases could indicate what the business values, presenting opportunities to tailor pitches and products that fit these predicaments.

This list is also instrumental in understanding market trends, revealing which industries heavily invest in constituency relationship management software, and demonstrating the regions where the open-source philosophy is widely adopted. Such insights can give direction to market expansion strategies or product development initiatives.

For added efficiency, the list can be segmented according to industry, company size, or geographic location, thereby helping sales team target their efforts more accurately and yield better results.

The value of a well-structured compilation of companies using CiviCRM cannot be understated. It provides not just potential contacts, but also offers a gateway to comprehending market behavior and trends, thereby becoming a vital tool for successful lead generation strategies. Even more, it's a robust starting point to craft personalized and highly effective sales pitches. Overall, this resource can enhance a sales team's effectiveness and decrease the time required from prospecting to conversion.

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