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LiveRamp PCM is a platform designed to help companies manage user preferences and consent related to data privacy regulations such as the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, and CCPA. It provides a centralized location for users to view and manage their personal data preferences and opt-in or opt-out of certain types of data usage.

The platform allows companies to collect and store user consent data in a compliant manner, ensuring that they are meeting obligations under various data protection and privacy laws. This not only helps companies avoid potential penalties and legal issues but also builds trust with users by providing them with transparency and control over their data.

LiveRamp PCM's features include customizable consent templates, detailed reporting and analytics, and integrations with other marketing technology platforms. It also offers support for various languages and currencies, making it accessible to companies operating in different regions.

Overall, LiveRamp PCM is a powerful tool for companies looking to comply with data privacy regulations while maintaining strong relationships with their customers. By enabling users to control their own data preferences, companies can improve transparency, build trust, and ensure compliance with evolving privacy laws.

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311 companies are currently using LiveRamp PCM


Car & Classic

the largest and busiest c..

144 Employees$31K - $41K$100K united kingdom..23%Export
Relix Media Group

we open doors for the son..

61 Employees$44K - $18K$98K united states ..100%Export

carwow is the one-stop sh..

386 Employees$2K - $32K$58K united kingdom..57%Export
Quadriga University of Ap..

we love to develop people..

77 Employees$8K - $27K$92K germany51%Export
Carwow Deutschland

carwow macht autokauf und..

47 Employees$39K - $12K$97K germany47%Export

onboard, collaborate, act..

19 Employees$14K - $26K$75K netherlands20%Export
Quadriga Media Berlin Gmb..


143 Employees$34K - $34K$63K germany88%Export
COPE Content Performance ..

wir machen content market..

71 Employees$42K - $6K$96K austria22%Export
Emotion Verlag GmbH

das emotion women's netzw..

38 Employees$24K - $43K$60K germany58%Export
Rakuten Advertising

leading the industry in d..

990 Employees$37K - $5K$84K united states ..88%Export

finden sie ihr traumauto ..

72 Employees$20K - $40K$93K germany20%Export
NetDoktor GmbH

netdoktor: wissen für ihr..

21 Employees$46K - $8K$51K germany84%Export
Genius Sports

a new world of sport. bui..

2,388 Employees$37K - $41K$94K united kingdom..91%Export
TBS Crew Agency - The Blo..

21 Employees$6K - $30K$88K italy17%Export
9292 REISinformatiegroep ..

of je nu thuis bent of on..

64 Employees$44K - $19K$58K netherlands62%Export

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Using LiveRamp PCM for finding leads

This compilation of companies utilizing LiveRamp PCM serves as an invaluable resource. Businesses in this list adopt a preference and consent management platform, offering clear insight into their commitment towards data protection and privacy regulations. Such a level of regulatory compliance is indicative of their market position and their priority for legal obligations such as the ePrivacy Directive, GDPR, and CCPA.

Understanding a company's adherence to these complex data laws and consent management processes provides distinct advantages in prospecting. Deep knowledge of these companies' technology stack assesses the potential fit for complementary technologies or services. This knowledge can also predict their future needs and problems, allowing for a tailored sales pitch.

For the sales teams, knowing that a company takes data privacy seriously, as indicated by their use of LiveRamp PCM, offers a strong foundation on which to build a relationship. With this prerequisite knowledge, sales teams can devise an approach that takes into account the potential business sensitive to privacy regulations, forming more persuasive proposals that address the specifics of their data protection needs.

Likewise, this list can suggest opportunities for strategic partnerships. Firms on this list who understand the value of data security may be more open to co-development, co-marketing, or other forms of collaboration for further upholding data privacy.

To sum up, this list acts as a catalyst for lead generation by providing the necessary background data. It enables strategic targeting while saving time and resources that would have been expended in preliminary research. The insight it offers aids in better aligning sales strategies to match the concerned companies' operational philosophy, leading to more successful pitches and higher conversion rates.

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