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Kohana is a PHP web application framework that follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It aims to be secure, lightweight, and easy to use by providing developers with a set of tools and libraries for building scalable and maintainable web applications. Kohana was initially forked from CodeIgniter in 2007, and it is now an independent open-source project with its own development team. Some of its features include a cascading filesystem, automatic class loading, database abstraction, input validation, and a flexible routing system. Kohana has a small footprint, which means it doesn't require many server resources, making it suitable for hosting on shared servers or cloud platforms. Additionally, Kohana has an active community of contributors who develop plugins and modules for extending its functionality. Kohana is no longer actively maintained since 2018, but its latest version 3.3.6 is still available for download and can be used for legacy projects.

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219 companies are currently using Kohana



your marketplace for insp..

75 Employees$11K - $36K$81K united states ..69%Export

wall art by passionate pe..

41 Employees$10K - $29K$72K sweden13%Export
Theater Sonnevanck

wij maken nieuw, actueel ..

34 Employees$34K - $34K$89K netherlands62%Export
Linex Sp. z o.o.

producent cięgien motoryz..

6 Employees$16K - $34K$51K poland59%Export
Jobofer ltd

9 Employees$8K - $10K$69K russian federa..82%Export
Olicom Interactive Sp. z ..

5 Employees$35K - $33K$81K poland2%Export
Efetiva Recursos Humanos

atração & seleção de tale..

6 Employees$1K - $7K$70K brazil30%Export
aport empresarial

navegando rumo aos result..

16 Employees$11K - $24K$80K brazil6%Export
Jurajska Fabryka Wind

odkrywaj świat bez barier..

6 Employees$41K - $1K$57K poland8%Export
Estratégia Agrocomunicaçã..

o agro é nosso campo

15 Employees$32K - $24K$62K brazil90%Export
Human & Hunter APT

rekrutacja tymczasowa i o..

16 Employees$20K - $22K$73K poland14%Export

9 Employees$40K - $45K$67K slovenia68%Export

software house - dostawca..

7 Employees$48K - $45K$84K poland55%Export
P.H.U.P Agros-Wrońscy Sp...

o maszynach rolniczych wi..

7 Employees$14K - $37K$52K poland64%Export
SOPA Images

hong kong based photo age..

110 Employees$9K - $27K$85K hong kong59%Export

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This comprehensive list of companies utilizing Kohana provides valuable insight into a specific market sector suitable for businesses that offer complementary technology solutions, such as additional modules, plugins, or consulting services around Kohana. The selection is fueled by the adoption of Kohana, a robust PHP framework, representing businesses committed to implementing sophisticated and efficient software solutions.

Exploring this list allows sales teams to carefully tailor their prospecting strategies. With a knowledge of prospective clients' technology stacks, organizations can identify potential leads who may require support, custom development, enhancements, or other associated Kohana services. This can result in targeted sales pitches, saving valuable resources and increasing the conversion rate and return on investment.

Additionally, by understanding the business elements and sectors Kohana appeals to, those offering similar solutions can shape their product development, marketing, and sales plans. Whether a company is new to the Kohana market or seeking to expand its client base, this list serves as a dynamic and beneficial resource.

For businesses looking to establish partnerships or collaborations, having access to this list provides immediate knowledge about potential partner companies. Leveraging this information can foster connections with companies with similar tech interests, further bolstering business growth and market influence.

Above all, delving into this carefully curated list of Kohana users reduces the effort and time consumed in the initial lead generation stage, offering a head-start in contacting potential leads. Therefore, it proves to be an advantageous tool for sales teams, aiding them in achieving their goals more efficiently and effectively.

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