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Bubble is a no-code web development platform that allows users to create and launch web applications without requiring any coding knowledge or experience. The platform provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables users to design their app's layout, add functionality, and customize the app's appearance easily. Bubble supports the creation of various types of web applications, including marketplaces, social networks, job boards, and more. Users can choose from pre-built templates, elements, and plugins to speed up the app development process. Bubble also offers features such as data storage, user authentication, and third-party integrations. Once the app is built, it can be published directly to the web or exported for deployment on other servers. With Bubble, users can create powerful web applications in a fraction of the time and cost required to develop traditional custom-coded solutions.

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3,619 companies are currently using Bubble


Dock Health

enabling healthcare teams..

15 Employees$41K - $32K$61K united states ..10%Export

addressing the skilled wo..

11 Employees$8K - $43K$73K united states ..7%Export

serving migrants and thei..

25 Employees$19K - $45K$96K egypt55%Export

co-architecture is an onl..

6 Employees$33K - $22K$88K australia77%Export
Above Space

we provide gravity

11 Employees$28K - $3K$93K united states ..83%Export

begin investing in your c..

37 Employees$25K - $49K$67K united states ..60%Export

roomi is a free website &..

28 Employees$18K - $23K$76K united states ..63%Export
FinTech Automation

fintech automation is a f..

9 Employees$32K - $24K$85K united states ..88%Export

building the new health p..

42 Employees$2K - $42K$82K france96%Export

discover and follow artif..

4 Employees$19K - $13K$59K united states ..86%Export
Finspire Technology

future of banking

27 Employees$23K - $41K$80K united kingdom..65%Export

badassery is a private gl..

90 Employees$32K - $32K$77K united states ..16%Export
HireRing - Recruitment Ma..

one b2b platform connecti..

4 Employees$28K - $49K$80K belgium33%Export

world wide tours & attrac..

11 Employees$7K - $14K$68K united arab em..31%Export
Million Labs

we are million labs we he..

20 Employees$6K - $45K$74K united kingdom..10%Export

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Using Bubble for finding leads

Located on this page, there's an invaluable list highlighting the diverse businesses harnessing the power of Bubble, a no-code platform allowing for efficient and seamless web app development.

For sales teams, this compilation furnishes an outstanding opportunity to discover new targets, understanding not only who is currently leveraging Bubble, but also gaining insights into the variety of industries that favour the no-code platform.

Sales teams can explore this list to generate leads in sectors that may not have been considered previously. By examining the types of businesses that are using Bubble for their web application development, it is possible to extrapolate other businesses that may potentially benefit from similar capabilities or services. Such detailed profiling of existing Bubble users adds granularity to potential customer personas and improves understanding of where Bubble's features are most valued.

In addition, the specificity of this list allows sales professionals to streamline their prospecting strategies by targeting clients more likely to require the unique benefits of a no-code platform. This specificity can dramatically decrease the sales cycle length.

Some of these Bubble adopters may also be in need of complementary services or products, such as UI/UX design, software integration, or app maintenance. Landing these as potential leads may give sales teams an edge in their initiatives.

In short, the list of companies employing Bubble provides an important resource enabling sales teams to efficiently and effectively pinpoint prospective clients, adapt outreach messages based on industry context and possibly unveil new markets ripe for their offerings. Leveraging this list can surely help to guide meticulous lead generation, prospecting strategies and eventually, closing business deals.

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