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Neos Flow is an open-source web application development framework that allows developers to build robust and scalable web applications. It is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which provides a clear separation of concerns between the various components of the application.

One of the core principles of Neos Flow is its emphasis on object-oriented programming (OOP) and domain-driven design (DDD). This allows developers to write code that is more maintainable, extensible, and testable. Neos Flow also makes use of modern PHP features such as namespaces, traits, and anonymous functions, which further enhances the developer experience.

Another key feature of Neos Flow is its support for dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IoC). This enables developers to easily manage dependencies between different components of the application and promotes loose coupling, which in turn leads to greater flexibility and easier maintenance.

Neos Flow also includes a number of built-in components and libraries that can be used to handle common tasks such as database access, caching, and authentication. Additionally, Neos Flow has a modular architecture that allows developers to easily extend and customize the framework to meet specific project requirements.

Overall, Neos Flow is a powerful and flexible framework that provides developers with the tools they need to build high-quality web applications quickly and efficiently. Its focus on OOP, DDD, DI, and IoC make it an ideal choice for large-scale enterprise applications, while its modular architecture and extensibility make it well-suited to a wide range of projects.

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1,872 companies are currently using Neos Flow



the operator of europe’s ..

501 Employees$25K - $3K$56K germany18%Export
CompuGroup Medical SE & C..

"nobody should suffer or ..

1,135 Employees$14K - $42K$54K germany77%Export
Proemion - Telematics sol..

our mission is to empower..

97 Employees$37K - $43K$94K germany16%Export
CompuGroup Medical France..

#engagépourlaesanté !

143 Employees$41K - $35K$87K france56%Export

we are europe's high-powe..

217 Employees$24K - $7K$99K germany37%Export

we turn brands into aesth..

48 Employees$11K - $8K$74K germany39%Export
proficom GmbH


59 Employees$40K - $11K$74K germany11%Export
Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeu..

innovative technology, pa..

133 Employees$26K - $21K$99K germany29%Export

sycor provides digital tr..

443 Employees$25K - $36K$60K germany80%Export
Cornelsen Verlag GmbH

entfalte dein potenzial u..

797 Employees$47K - $40K$93K germany11%Export

powering a better tomorro..

276 Employees$7K - $49K$77K germany63%Export
mindcurv group

R/evolutionize your Digit..

624 Employees$40K - $45K$56K germany49%Export

entdecke unsere reiseviel..

417 Employees$39K - $6K$99K germany74%Export
D'art Design Gruppe GmbH

design agency focused on ..

39 Employees$27K - $26K$82K germany13%Export

Experten für Projekte

319 Employees$39K - $9K$56K germany100%Export

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