Companies using Invoca

Invoca is a company that provides call tracking and conversational analytics services, powered by AI technology. It helps businesses to track, analyze and optimize inbound calls through its platform. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and insights from conversations between customers and agents, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences and satisfaction. Invoca's call tracking feature enables businesses to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign, allowing them to track which campaigns are generating the most calls. This allows businesses to make informed decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars. Overall, Invoca's AI-powered solutions help businesses to better understand their customers' behavior and preferences, allowing them to deliver more personalized and effective customer experiences.

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9,239 companies are currently using Invoca



discover and compare doze..

53 Employees$33K - $9K$78K united states ..20%Export
Tyfone, Inc.

tyfone is a leading provi..

193 Employees$15K - $35K$54K united states ..59%Export
National Business Aviatio..

dedicated to helping busi..

155 Employees$30K - $13K$63K united states ..19%Export

next-level pharma manufac..

109 Employees$33K - $30K$68K united states ..56%Export

zoll® therox is on a miss..

34 Employees$37K - $15K$72K united states ..35%Export

creating connections. for..

150 Employees$38K - $19K$65K united states ..100%Export
SkillSurvey, an iCIMS com..

hire and retain great peo..

46 Employees$37K - $5K$100K united states ..34%Export
Business Interiors, Inc

a millerknoll certified d..

102 Employees$9K - $22K$68K united states ..18%Export
Verb (A Company Of Paycor..

the people development pl..

16 Employees$18K - $24K$83K united states ..48%Export
GTRJOBS - Staffing + Recr..

building futures, making ..

82 Employees$21K - $29K$66K united states ..71%Export
Billionaire Boys Club & I..

63 Employees$17K - $4K$97K united states ..38%Export
Professional Physical The..

we're hiring! apply toda..

1,570 Employees$19K - $29K$73K united states ..43%Export

enlightened by design.

143 Employees$12K - $15K$54K united states ..75%Export
Fusion Connect

connect, protect, acceler..

1,693 Employees$27K - $7K$81K united states ..56%Export
Oak Street Health

oak street health is an i..

3,944 Employees$26K - $29K$56K united states ..19%Export

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Using Invoca for finding leads

This meticulously crafted list of enterprises leveraging the services of Invoca, an AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics platform, holds immense potential as a strategic resource for sales teams. The list offers invaluable insights into the companies that value data-driven solutions to enhance their customer interactions and service quality, providing a targeted approach for sales development.

Primarily, this list enables businesses to identify potential leads that are already open to implementing modern, AI-powered technologies in their operations. This prior adoption inclination indicates that these entities recognize the need for robust, innovative solutions, indicating potential readiness to consider additional offerings that are complementary or enhance their established software stack. Therefore, the list acts as a compass, guiding sales professionals to prospects that are potentially more receptive to their proposed solutions, facilitating higher success rates.

Moreover, the list offers potential intelligence for understanding sector-specific trends. The diverse set of companies that employ Invoca spans a host of industries, from telecommunications and health services to finance. Sales individuals and teams can utilize this industry spread information to discern technology adoption patterns and develop personalized, industry-applicable, persuasive arguments for their own technology offerings, particularly if they're complementary to Invoca's capabilities.

Lastly, learning which competitors are in this landscape and appreciating their strategic moves can be a powerful knowledge asset. By knowing which companies in their domain are employing Invoca's technology, sales teams can fine-tune their strategies and technological advantages to deliver a compelling proposition that is distinctive and can outdo competition.

In essence, this list imbues sales teams with more targeted, relevant, and competitive intelligence -whether they're looking for sectors showing a propensity to embrace technological advancement, studying market trends, or seeking to differentiate their offerings. Diligent usage of this list can empower sales professionals to cultivate higher-value interactions, drive conversions, and improve overall sales performance.

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