Companies using is a versatile food ordering system that caters to various hospitality scenarios. It supports multiple languages and offers a range of features for convenient food ordering experiences. Users can place orders online for delivery or takeout, as well as in-store options such as ordering at the table, using self-ordering kiosks, or utilizing room service. Additionally, customers can also make telephone orders with caller ID functionality and even book tables through the system. aims to streamline the ordering process for both customers and businesses in the food industry, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient and seamless food service.

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4 companies are currently using


Turners Fish And Chips

1 Employees$6K - $26K$51K united kingdom..42%
in room amenity

elevate your guest's expe..

- Employees$16K - $37K$81K united states ..61%Export

- Employees$28K - $15K$52K united kingdom..6%Export
Mexita Springburn

- Employees$18K - $7K$84K united kingdom..80%Export

Using for finding leads

This list of companies using provides valuable insights that can be leveraged by sales teams to find and target high-potential leads. It encompasses an array of organizations across diverse hospitality scenarios, all of whom realize the importance of a state-of-the-art food ordering system.

The list's value stems from its inclusivity of various business models, namely online ordering for delivery/takeout, in-store ordering, telephone ordering with callerID, and table booking. Each company's inclusion signifies its utilization of cutting-edge tools to adapt to consumer needs and ensure seamless service delivery. Sales teams can use this information to identify leads that align with their offerings, whether that's hospitality software, hardware, or consulting services.

By providing a snapshot of companies having adopted advanced online ordering solutions, the list also paints a broader picture of the market's direction. It signals a whole host of businesses that are embracing digital transformation, a valuable insight for sales teams focusing on selling innovative, technology-focused solutions in the hospitality sector.

Moreover, the presence of multi-lingual support within the system hints at the global reach of these restaurant businesses. This aspect opens up a plethora of international leads that could be tapped into by sales teams with a worldwide focus.

In summary, the list of companies using serves as a vital resource for sales teams. Interpreting the trends evident from the list and understanding the businesses' technology adoption paves the way for engaging with leads who are likely to value and seek out advanced solutions. It simplifies lead prospecting by pinpointing prospective clients who are already investing in modern ordering systems, thereby increasing the chances of successful outreach and conversions.

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