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Popmenu is a restaurant platform that provides a range of services to restaurants including CMS, online menus, ordering and delivery solutions, and marketing automation. It allows customers to browse restaurant menus, place orders, and arrange deliveries all through the platform. Restaurants can manage their menus easily using the CMS provided by Popmenu. The platform also offers marketing tools to help restaurants promote their businesses to potential customers. Overall, Popmenu is an all-in-one solution for restaurants seeking to streamline their operations, improve customer experiences, and increase visibility.

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1,628 companies are currently using Popmenu


The Artillery Brewing Com..

join the revolution

12 Employees$13K - $6K$61K united states ..61%Export
Station 26 Brewing Co.

for you, for all.

18 Employees$6K - $38K$54K united states ..68%Export
Flurry's Market + Provisi..

"the" family owned fine f..

3 Employees$24K - $32K$91K united states ..92%Export
Big Storm Brewing Co.

florida's craft beer fore..

38 Employees$3K - $49K$61K united states ..39%Export
The Homesteader Cafe

4 Employees$25K - $30K$83K united states ..1%Export
Born From The Lime Truck

elevated cali-mex cuisine..

12 Employees$15K - $36K$81K united states ..42%Export
The Hummus and Pita Co.

one dip leads to another ..

13 Employees$3K - $44K$84K united states ..31%Export

the best tasting food sta..

132 Employees$12K - $15K$54K united states ..60%Export
kei concepts

kei concepts is a hospita..

74 Employees$22K - $18K$63K united states ..87%Export
Encore Catering & Culinar..

make today great for an e..

16 Employees$47K - $36K$66K united states ..44%Export
Bumpy Pickle


12 Employees$49K - $5K$85K united states ..35%Export
Workhorse Brewing Company..

your beer. made right.

15 Employees$39K - $3K$58K united states ..83%Export
Trejo's Tacos

31 Employees$33K - $41K$91K united states ..23%Export
Onigilly Japanese Kitchen..

handy healthy yummy

5 Employees$49K - $31K$62K united states ..63%Export
CAO Bakery & Cafe

cao offers traditional cu..

24 Employees$6K - $49K$97K united states ..61%Export

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Using Popmenu for finding leads

The list of companies using the Popmenu platform is an invaluable resource, especially for sales teams in industries associated with restaurant technology. This meticulously curated database offers a clear view into businesses that prioritize innovative tools like CMS, online menus, ordering and delivery, and marketing automation solutions – indicative of their ambition to leverage technology for seamless service delivery.

Leveraging the list can help sales teams tailor their outreach strategies better. Understanding which restaurants are eager to innovate can help pinpoint potential clients that might be interested in similar toolsets or supplementary tech services. Therein lies a source for boundless leads open to technological approaches, hence creating a higher probability of fostering successful business relationships.

Additionally, teams can better comprehend industry trends and preferences, guiding product development to meet or even exceed the market demand. By tapping into this valuable source of data, sales teams optimize their lead selection, pitch customization, while potentially shortening the sales cycle and improving their conversion rates.

Moreover, being aware of a company's use of Popmenu can present opportunities for strategic partnerships within the ecosystem of restaurant technology. This could lead to mutual growth and innovation across various facets of the industry.

Ultimately, the value extends way beyond the initial lead: it paves the way for intelligence-driven selling, creating a more insightful, efficient, and effective selling strategy. Armed with this knowledge, sales efforts can be more precise and fruitful—yielding an impressive return on investment. The list of companies utilizing Popmenu technology is indeed a valuable asset in uncovering ideal lead targets and catalyzing the prosperity in the restaurant technology industry.

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