Companies using Formitable

Formitable is an online platform designed to help restaurant owners manage their reservations efficiently. It provides a complete reservation management system that allows restaurants to easily accept and manage reservations, track customer information, and optimize seating arrangements. The platform is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each restaurant. With Formitable, restaurants can streamline their booking process, reduce no-shows, and increase revenue by managing tables more efficiently. Additionally, Formitable also integrates with other restaurant software solutions such as POS systems, loyalty programs, and marketing tools to provide a comprehensive solution for restaurant owners. Overall, Formitable is a useful tool that helps restaurant owners simplify their reservation management process and improve their overall customer experience.

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2,693 companies are currently using Formitable


The Avocado Show

the world's first interna..

45 Employees$30K - $40K$100K netherlands54%Export
De L'Europe Amsterdam

home of original amsterda..

141 Employees$12K - $6K$89K netherlands10%Export
Frontaal Brewing Company

beer for thought

44 Employees$45K - $7K$97K netherlands24%Export
Corendon Hotels & Resorts..

an unforgettable hotel ex..

337 Employees$40K - $27K$85K netherlands3%Export
Chateau Amsterdam

chateau amsterdam is an u..

29 Employees$42K - $32K$80K netherlands33%Export
Miri Mary

an exciting place of mode..

8 Employees$26K - $4K$96K netherlands63%Export

bar | restaurant | evenem..

31 Employees$8K - $43K$82K netherlands87%Export
Restaurant STER

van handtekening naar sig..

5 Employees$17K - $17K$85K netherlands100%Export
Ambassade Hotel

welcome to the ambassade ..

57 Employees$12K - $48K$87K netherlands7%Export
Restaurant, Hotel & Spa S..


29 Employees$28K - $26K$91K netherlands61%Export
Villa Westend

trendy horecalocatie aan ..

22 Employees$9K - $36K$73K netherlands30%Export
De Librije

passion is the keyword in..

61 Employees$44K - $16K$83K netherlands65%Export

home of design

33 Employees$16K - $35K$95K netherlands25%Export
Bleyenberg Den Haag

bleyenberg, een uniek hor..

20 Employees$44K - $32K$79K netherlands71%Export

sabor peruano

22 Employees$6K - $27K$74K netherlands43%Export

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Using Formitable for finding leads

This curated list of companies using Formitable provides a valuable resource for sales teams targeting the restaurant and hospitality sector. With a focus on businesses that are actively seeking effective reservation management solutions, this list can reveal a diverse range of potentially interested prospects.

Formitable's reservation management system is an essential technology for many restaurants, implying that the businesses listed here are inclined towards adopting innovative solutions to boost their operational efficiency. As such, they can be prime targets for companies offering complementary products and services, from point-of-sale systems to restaurant marketing software.

For a sales team, one of the main advantages of this list is the ability to identify and approach companies that already understand the importance and benefits of this type of technological investment. Therefore, they might be more receptive to pitches about related tech products or services that could further enhance their business operations. It can significantly streamline the lead prospecting process as the potential leads are already tech-aware and open to investments if beneficial.

Moreover, the list can also provide insights into trending industry needs, which can inform the development of future sales strategies. Market dynamics and customer demands can be gleaned from such lists, helping sales teams align their offerings to what is currently prevailing in the market.

In summary, a list of companies using Formitable can be a highly valuable tool for sales teams. It provides an opportunity to find leads that are likely to be responsive, understand the nuances of the industry, and appreciate technological solutions. Its value transcends beyond just generating leads to providing insights into the market, thus strategically equipping sales teams for effective prospecting and deal-closing.

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