Companies using Slice

Slice is an innovative online platform that allows customers to order food from independent pizzerias with ease. The platform was created specifically for the purpose of providing a one-stop-shop for all pizza lovers, allowing them to order from their favorite local pizzerias and have their meals delivered right to their doorstep.

With Slice, users can browse through menus, place orders, and make payments directly on the platform without having to call or visit the restaurant. This not only saves time but also helps to streamline the ordering process for both customers and restaurants.

One of the most notable features of the Slice platform is its focus on independent pizzerias. Unlike other food delivery platforms that prioritize large chain restaurants, Slice works exclusively with local, independent pizzerias. This dedication to supporting small businesses has helped to establish Slice as a trusted and reliable partner for independent pizzerias across the United States.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and commitment to small businesses, Slice also offers a range of convenient features such as real-time tracking of deliveries and the ability to save favorite orders for quick reordering. These features, along with Slice's commitment to quality customer service, have made it a popular choice among pizza lovers throughout the country.

Overall, Slice is an innovative and customer-focused platform that has successfully filled a gap in the food delivery market by providing a simple and convenient way for customers to order from their favorite independent pizzerias.

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913 companies are currently using Slice



award winning specialty, ..

8 Employees$18K - $12K$67K united states ..32%Export

bar | bites | sports

17 Employees$3K - $25K$77K united states ..53%Export
Anthony & Sons Bakery

our commitment to transce..

56 Employees$25K - $30K$62K united states ..60%Export
Captain Tony's Pizza

13 Employees$30K - $47K$80K united states ..46%Export

a unique kosher italian r..

4 Employees$32K - $32K$66K united states ..97%Export
Game Train LLC

6 Employees$39K - $27K$94K united states ..78%Export
Via Sforza Trattoria

5 Employees$12K - $7K$71K united states ..3%Export
Bado´s Pizza Grill and Al..

9 Employees$8K - $30K$79K united states ..53%Export
Stark Brewing Company

13 Employees$50K - $42K$73K united states ..80%Export
Meek's Vegan Pizza

black-owned, cruelty free..

5 Employees$25K - $45K$57K united states ..76%Export
The 1905

5 Employees$29K - $46K$81K united states ..54%Export
Angelina's Ristorante

43 Employees$34K - $6K$70K united states ..
Lucca's Pizzeria & Ristor..

13 Employees$41K - $14K$60K united states ..2%Export

37 Employees$36K - $30K$51K united states ..49%Export
Clock Tower Pizza LLC

3 Employees$18K - $29K$88K united states ..48%Export

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Using Slice for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies that use the Slice platform serves as a valuable resource in the realm of lead prospecting. It provides unparalleled insights into the landscape of independent pizzerias utilizing online food ordering technologies. Curated to enable sales teams to streamline their lead generation process efficiently, this list can pivot sales strategies and drive impactful business relationships.

From differentiated market understanding to targeted outreach, the list brings several key benefits to the salespeople. It gives them the ability to identify potential customers who likely use similar or complementary services, aligning with their offering. By understanding the nuances of pizzerias and the online food ordering scene, sales teams can customize their approach, enhancing the probability of conversions.

Additionally, this list not only presents potential prospects but also offers the opportunity for competitive analysis. Knowing the companies that are already utilizing the Slice platform can help identify the popular trends and successful strategies in the industry, thus helping sales teams to effectively position their products or services.

In essence, the list accelerates lead identification, deepens market awareness, refines the sales pitch, and ultimately optimizes the prospecting process. An invaluable tool for any sales team looking to make substantial strides within the realm of independent pizzerias and online food ordering.

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