Companies using emBlue


emBlue is a platform that provides email and marketing automation services. It allows businesses to create and send targeted email campaigns to their subscribers with personalized content. emBlue's marketing automation features include lead nurturing, triggered emails, and website tracking. The platform also offers detailed analytics on the performance of campaigns and subscriber behavior. With emBlue, businesses can automate their marketing efforts and improve their communication with customers in a more efficient and effective way.

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578 companies are currently using emBlue


Banco Hipotecario

somos el banco de 2 millo..

2,432 Employees$42K - $6K$62K argentina33%Export

valoramos el ambiente | c..

10 Employees$15K - $41K$68K germany32%Export
SLC - Recursos Humanos

somos expertos en lo que ..

22 Employees$49K - $1K$78K argentina20%Export
Accuvise Consulting

full service consulting f..

3 Employees$27K - $36K$80K united states ..36%Export
Colorado Latino Leadershi..

empowering latinos throug..

24 Employees$49K - $7K$76K united states ..95%Export
Mall Aventura

¡espera lo inesperado! so..

183 Employees$31K - $23K$70K peru12%Export

we make omnichannel simpl..

129 Employees$45K - $38K$58K argentina58%Export

centro de capacitación y ..

1,760 Employees$21K - $4K$97K argentina53%Export

smart solutions for busin..

564 Employees$13K - $11K$60K colombia81%Export
Seguros Mundial

¡con nosotros puedes vivi..

653 Employees$32K - $1K$93K colombia20%Export
Home Sentry

convirtiendo casas en hog..

273 Employees$48K - $7K$61K colombia30%Export
Vitrium Capital

desarrolladora inmobiliar..

57 Employees$40K - $4K$74K argentina92%Export
Farmacias Vilela


109 Employees$38K - $28K$69K argentina76%Export
Ferreycorp S.A.A

corporación multilatina e..

219 Employees$19K - $32K$59K peru4%Export
Océano Medicina

cursos en ciencias de la ..

33 Employees$43K - $24K$99K argentina95%Export

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Using emBlue for finding leads

The compiled list of companies using emBlue serves as a rich resource for sales teams offering companion services or targeting similar markets. The value of this information comes from a deep understanding of the companies' marketing pursuits, as showcased by their usage of emBlue, an email and marketing automation platform.

Being able to identify businesses that utilize emBlue signals an understanding and appreciation for digital marketing, email engagement, and marketing automation. Therefore, it's likely that these companies are open to exploring other advanced technology solutions that could further enhance their marketing operations. Consequently, sales teams can potentially forge beneficial connections with these firms.

Moreover, the list assists sales teams in tailoring their outreach and sales pitches. By understanding a potential lead's usage of emBlue, they can craft messages that underscore how their product or service perfectly complements emBlue, fulfilling the potential client's existing marketing automation needs.

The list also presents an opportunity to track a company's growth and evolution over time. Sales teams can use this to understand better what scale of solutions a potential lead may be seeking, spot trends in uptake of certain technologies, identify industry leaders, and gain competitive intelligence. All of these factors play key parts in strategic decision-making.

The list can also function as an effective qualification tool. Sales teams tired of pursuing leads that fall through at the last hurdle can use the list as a customer base who are proven to invest in their marketing operations.

In conclusion, this curated list of emBlue users delivers significant value to sales teams: it enhances target market identification, informs personalized outreach, provides strategic insights and reduces the time on unsuitable leads. This comprehensive information is certainly an edge in the competitive field of business-to-business marketing and sales.

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