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Commanders Act TrustCommander is a consent management platform (CMP) designed to help website owners comply with GDPR regulations related to collecting user consent. It enables website owners to obtain and manage user consent for collecting personal data through various channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms.

With TrustCommander, website owners can customize their consent forms, track user consent preferences, and provide users with easy-to-use mechanisms for managing their consent settings. The platform provides website owners with detailed analytics reports on user consent preferences, giving them insights into how to improve their consent management processes.

TrustCommander also offers features such as geolocation targeting, which allows website owners to customize consent forms based on the user's location, and A/B testing, which enables them to test different designs and messaging on their consent forms. By using Commanders Act TrustCommander, website owners can ensure that they are complying with GDPR regulations while maintaining a positive user experience.

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2,075 companies are currently using Commanders Act TrustCommander



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Commanders Act

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Danone Ecosystem

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Bouygues Telecom


10,087 Employees$26K - $27K$88K france22%Export

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Using Commanders Act TrustCommander for finding leads

The list of companies using Commanders Act TrustCommander represents a valuable asset for sales teams. This list provides a curated selection of firms demonstrating a proactive stance on GDPR compliance, emphasizing their commitment to upholding user data rights through advanced consent management.

By exploring this compilation, sales teams can identify potential leads operating in industries where data protection and consumer privacy are priorities. These businesses have demonstrated their willingness to invest in robust GDPR compliance solutions, like TrustCommander, indicating a higher propensity to consider products or services that enhance data management, security, or regulatory adherence.

Moreover, the presence of a business on this list suggests an appreciation for cutting-edge technology. Sales teams approaching these leads can tailor their pitches accordingly, emphasizing how their products align with a tech-savvy, regulation-conscious ethos.

Finally, the list serves as a segmentation tool, allowing sales teams to prioritize leads that have already demonstrated a willingness to engage with GDPR-centric solutions. Showcasing products that naturally complement or enhance TrustCommander functionalities can increase the chances of lead conversion.

Thus, the list of companies using Commanders Act TrustCommander can help sales professionals streamline their lead identification process, focusing efforts on businesses already invested in rigorous data management and regulation compliance. It's an essential resource for enhancing sales strategy, maximizing operational efficiency, and nurturing a customer base with clear alignment to the sales team's product offering.

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