Clickio is a consent tool that helps websites collect and communicate user consent to vendors operating under the IAB Framework and Google Ads products. It helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations by providing users with transparent information about how their data is being used and giving them control over their preferences. Clickio allows website owners to customize the way they request consent, such as through banner notifications or pop-ups. Users can then choose which vendors they want to allow or deny access to their data. This tool also provides reporting and analytics to help website owners better understand how users are interacting with their consent requests. Overall, Clickio is a useful tool for website owners seeking to maintain compliance with privacy regulations while ensuring a transparent and user-friendly experience for their visitors.

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55 Companies using clickio

La Prealpina

Profilo ufficiale de La P..

86$24K - $3K$3M italy44%
Zacchera Hotels

it’s a wonderful, luxury ..

67$7K - $8K$80K italy93%

Dal 1962 inchieste, notiz..

25$24K - $13K$569K italy90%
AdviceMe srl

performance marketing hou..

12$11K - $33K$18K italy99%
Professional Darts Corpor..

65$8K - $32K$89K united kingdom..84%
Inside Marketing IT

inside marketing giornale..

14$13K - $12K$146K italy84%
Match People

ricerca e selezione di pe..

8$24K - $41K$83K italy75%
Moving Up

Se punti in alto ti aiuti..

16$26K - $39K$16K italy65%
Birra Semedorato

pure malt sicilian italia..

16$43K - $40K$84K italy63%

A StormGeo Company.

215$7K - $37K$27M brazil87%
Comunicazione Lavoro

il sito per trovare lavor..

5$16K - $30K$66K italy9%
Tecno Box srl

Partner per il confeziona..

16$38K - $3K$98K italy26%
Cronache Maceratesi

17$24K - $33K$99K italy83%
g&g group

realizzazione e progettaz..

34$13K - $47K$95K italy18%

defense updates from isra..

18$7K - $42K$60K israel55%

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How to use clickio

Clickio is a tool that can be used to collect and communicate user consent for online advertising. To use Clickio, you must first integrate the tool into your website by adding its JavaScript code snippet to your site's header or footer.

Once integrated, Clickio will display a consent banner to users when they visit your site. The banner will ask users for their consent to allow cookies and other tracking technologies from IAB Framework vendors and Google Ads products. Users can choose to accept or reject these requests, and their choices will be recorded by Clickio.

If a user accepts the requests, Clickio will send a signal to the IAB Framework vendors and Google Ads products to begin tracking the user's activity on your site. If a user rejects the requests, Clickio will prevent the vendors and products from accessing any information about the user's activity on your site.

In addition to collecting and communicating consent, Clickio also provides reporting and auditing capabilities to help you monitor and manage your compliance with data privacy regulations. You can see which users have given their consent and which have not, and you can export this data for further analysis or reporting.

Overall, Clickio is a useful tool for website owners who need to comply with data privacy regulations while still enabling online advertising. By using Clickio, you can ensure that your site is in compliance with current regulations and that your users' privacy rights are protected.

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