BowNow is a comprehensive marketing automation tool that enables businesses to manage their sales support, business card information, email newsletter, and perform analysis. With BowNow, businesses can automate their marketing process by using its wide range of features to streamline their operations, reach out to more customers, and improve their sales performance. The tool's business card management feature helps businesses easily store and organize business card data, while the sales support function provides valuable insights on customer interactions and behaviors. Additionally, BowNow allows businesses to create and distribute email newsletters to keep customers informed about new products or services, promotions, and other relevant updates. Finally, the analysis feature of BowNow provides businesses with actionable insights into their marketing campaigns enabling them to optimize their strategies based on the results. Overall, BowNow is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that can help companies boost their sales and improve their bottom line.

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256 Companies using BowNow

Water Design Japan

ensuring clean water with..

1$34K - $20K$64K japan97%
Kikusui Electronics Corpo..

Multi-perspective Insight..

22$22K - $9K$45K japan9%
Sanko IB Co., Ltd


12$39K - $13K$12K japan83%
Kikusui America, Inc.

the most reliable power a..

10$4K - $38K$78K united states ..75%
Global Trust Networks Co...


24$21K - $12K$31K japan65%
fastcoding inc.

frontend development serv..

17$26K - $44K$50K japan50%
DPoint - DGV Digital

customer engagement & loy..

21$24K - $40K$87K viet nam45%

Intelligent Logistics

13$23K - $3K$75K japan81%
opla crm - enjoy your wor..

sales easy like opla an e..

13$44K - $8K$3K viet nam72%
CCArchitect Inc.


9$19K - $1K$9K japan42%

時代に寄り添う 技術に寄り添う 顧客に寄り添う

51$35K - $27K$74K japan23%


39$13K - $35K$55K japan84%
RevolKa Ltd.

contribute to the health ..

11$32K - $3K$800 japan95%
Metal Technology Co. Ltd...

the metal solution

16$39K - $9K$51K japan92%
Igarashi Motor Sales USA,..

31$15K - $22K$63K united states ..57%

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How to use BowNow

BowNow is a marketing automation tool that provides various functions, including business card management, sales support, analysis, and email magazine functions. To use BowNow, you need to create an account on the BowNow website.

Once you have created an account, you can start using BowNow by following these steps:

  1. Business Card Management: BowNow's business card management feature allows you to scan and manage your business cards digitally. You can upload your business card images to BowNow and then extract the contact information using OCR technology. You can also add notes to each contact and categorize them into groups for easy access. To use this feature, you need to open the "Business Card" tab on the BowNow dashboard and follow the instructions.

  2. Sales Support: BowNow can help you manage your sales activities by providing tools like customer relationship management (CRM), lead management, and task management. You can use BowNow's CRM to keep track of your interactions with customers, such as meetings, calls, and emails. You can also use the lead management feature to manage your sales pipeline and identify potential customers. To use these features, you need to open the "Sales" tab on the BowNow dashboard and follow the instructions.

  3. Analysis: BowNow provides various analytics tools that allow you to analyze your sales and marketing data. For example, you can use BowNow's sales analytics feature to track your sales performance over time and identify trends. You can also use BowNow's email analytics feature to track the effectiveness of your email campaigns. To use these features, you need to open the "Analytics" tab on the BowNow dashboard and follow the instructions.

  4. Email Magazine: BowNow's email magazine feature allows you to create and send newsletters to your subscribers. You can customize your newsletter templates using drag-and-drop tools and then schedule your newsletters to be sent at specific times. To use this feature, you need to open the "Email Magazine" tab on the BowNow dashboard and follow the instructions.

In conclusion, BowNow is a powerful marketing automation tool that can help you manage your sales and marketing activities. By using BowNow's various features, you can streamline your business processes and improve your marketing ROI.

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