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BookVisit is an IT-based service, chiefly specializing in offering software solutions to the hospitality sector, particularly hotels and recreational facilities. Based in Goteborg, Sweden, this technological solution aids these businesses in magnifying their efficiency and profitability by streamlining processes and creating a more effective online presence.

At its core, BookVisit is a reservation system that allows establishments to optimize their booking processes. This system integrates into the hotel's website, enabling direct reservations for the customers, which reduces the dependence on third-party booking platforms. The direct reservation option offers a wide range of benefits, including reducing commission costs, increasing customer retention through direct engagement, and maintaining greater control over their inventory.

Additionally, BookVisit offers sophisticated features that include an integrated payment gateway, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and comprehensive analytics.

The integrated payment gateway simplifies the payment process for both the business and end-users, increasing the chances of a successful transaction. The incorporated CRM allows for better tracking of customer interactions, managing customer information, and implementing marketing strategies to enhance customer retention and loyalty.

The comprehensive analytics tool enables businesses to track their performance indicators in real-time. These incorporations offer insights into user behavior, conversion rates, and other important metrics that allow for strategic planning and decision-making based on the data at hand.

Put simply, BookVisit has positioned itself as a comprehensive solution for establishments in the hospitality sector seeking an enhanced online presence and a more streamlined, efficient management solution.

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270 companies are currently using BookVisit


Ligula Hospitality Group

get to know ligula hospit..

222 Employees$34K - $40K$60K sweden72%Export
Eriksberg Vilt & Natur

hotell och safaripark i b..

30 Employees$35K - $36K$98K sweden65%Export
The Steam Hotel

en upplevelsedestination ..

123 Employees$49K - $39K$76K sweden87%Export
Fýri Resort

a new resort in hemsedal...

35 Employees$11K - $25K$83K norway91%Export
Såstaholm Hotell & Konfer..

välkommen till vårt scenk..

26 Employees$3K - $11K$51K sweden97%Export
ESS Group

we create moments of happ..

291 Employees$49K - $36K$87K sweden6%Export
Dr. Holms Hotel

a true mountain resort ho..

37 Employees$27K - $31K$78K norway1%Export
Fritiden Hotell & Kongres..

det gamla fritidsbadet i ..

16 Employees$13K - $2K$68K sweden6%Export
MJ'S Hotel

your urban oasis created ..

44 Employees$1K - $17K$57K sweden72%Export
Smarthotel Hammerfest AS

3 Employees$43K - $34K$63K norway64%Export

möten & kickoff i världen..

34 Employees$12K - $19K$98K sweden39%Export
Åhus Seaside SPA & Konfer..

nyöppnad konferens- och s..

9 Employees$29K - $8K$55K sweden56%Export
Hotell Frøya

experience frøya - wild a..

14 Employees$29K - $10K$95K norway44%Export
Happie Camp

we offer an easy way out ..

5 Employees$17K - $24K$98K sweden43%Export
Salt & Sill

konferensanläggning med f..

21 Employees$27K - $49K$68K sweden40%Export

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Using BookVisit for finding leads

In an increasingly digital market, access to an exhaustive list of companies using BookVisit technology can provide valuable insights and opportunities for sales teams. Recognized as a reputable IT service, consulting, recreation, and hotel solution among businesses, BookVisit is a compelling technology across industries located primarily in Goteborg, Sweden.

Finding prospects that already recognize the value of this technology can enhance the efficiency of lead generation strategies. When sales teams have a placed interest in BookVisit, the list serves as a well-defined target market, allowing for focused and personalized outreach efforts.

The list of companies using BookVisit helps sales teams identify potential gaps in the market. By gaining insights on industries and companies that utilize BookVisit, teams can craft tailored pitches that cater to industry-specific needs and pain points. What's more, learning how various businesses leverage the technology can spark novel ideas for how potential prospects might benefit.

With a keen eye for observing patterns among the listed companies, sales teams can gain a better understanding of the market trend—what types of businesses are most likely to invest in BookVisit, and why. Analyzing such trends can shape data-backed strategies, narrowing down the target audience and improving the conversion rate.

The list also serves as a confidence booster for potential clients; observing established businesses achieving success with BookVisit can encourage others to follow suit. Sales teams can leverage this as testimonies or case studies when pitching to prospects.

In conclusion, the list of companies using BookVisit is a valuable resource for sales teams, aiding in prospecting, market research, trend analysis, and lead generation strategies. It provides crucial context for tailoring sales pitches, understanding market preferences, identifying potential leads, and effectively converting those leads into clients.

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