Athena Search
Athena Search

Athena Search is a search engine developed from scratch by Syncit Group, which offers a customizable autocomplete feature, smart predictions, real-time reports, and a feature-rich dashboard. It allows users to search for data more efficiently with its autocomplete functionality and provides insights into searched terms through real-time reporting. Athena Search's smart predictions feature helps users find what they are looking for faster by suggesting relevant results as they type in their queries. The feature-rich dashboard enables users to monitor and analyze search activity and metrics, providing valuable insights into user behavior. Overall, Athena Search is an advanced search engine that provides a range of features to help users conduct more efficient searches and gain deeper insights into their data.

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2 Companies using Athena Search

Rainier Arms, LLC

Pursue Your Passion™

25$45K - $11K$93K united states ..36%
Primary Weapons Systems

Different System. Differe..

31$47K - $3K$62K united states ..73%

How to use Athena Search

To use Athena Search, follow these steps:

  1. Integrate the Athena Search into your web application by adding the necessary code snippets to your HTML and JavaScript files.
  2. Create an index of searchable data that corresponds to the search functionality you want to offer. You can customize the fields that will be indexed and specify any weighting or prioritization for specific fields.
  3. Configure the auto-complete feature by specifying how many characters should be required before triggering a search, as well as any additional behavior, such as highlighting search results or displaying related keywords.
  4. Customize the dashboard to display relevant information about search results, such as location, date, or other metadata.
  5. Enable smart predictions based on user behavior and historical data to help users find what they are looking for more quickly.
  6. Set up real-time reports to track search usage and identify areas for improvement or refinement.

Once you have completed these steps, your users will be able to search your site or application using the powerful and customizable Athena Search engine, which can save time and improve their overall experience.

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