Companies using Amiro.CMS

Amiro.CMS is a commercial content management system designed and distributed by Amiro, a Russian company. It is built using PHP programming language and uses MySQL for database management. Amiro.CMS allows users to manage website content easily and efficiently with features like drag-and-drop widgets, customizable templates, and built-in SEO tools. The CMS provides a user-friendly interface to the website owners to create and manage pages, media files, blogs, forms, and many other website components. With its modular architecture and open-source code, developers can extend the functionality of Amiro.CMS by creating custom plugins or integrating third-party tools. Besides, it offers multilingual support for creating websites in different languages. Amiro.CMS has been around since 2001 and has been used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

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14 companies are currently using Amiro.CMS


Repuestos Ramiro, S.L.

65 años contigo

16 Employees$38K - $5K$55K spain14%Export

Developer and manufacture..

9 Employees$16K - $16K$84K russian federa..3%Export
Mendoza Industrial

Mediciones y Análisis de ..

4 Employees$17K - $25K$66K argentina21%Export
ООО "Техноград"

31 Employees$8K - $2K$84K -36%Export
Micron Metalworks

Micron is a precision met..

17 Employees$31K - $12K$88K united states ..43%Export
Armlinsoft Oy

IBM Power9 direct access ..

1 Employees$5K - $21K$71K finland40%Export
Poralix Support

Outsourced Linux Administ..

1 Employees$30K - $29K$99K russian federa..1%Export
Торговый Дом СнабСтройИнв..

14 Employees$11K - $15K$73K russian federa..88%Export

8 Employees$43K - $28K$51K russian federa..90%Export
Johnson Printing and Pack..

15 Employees$34K - $24K$64K united states ..76%Export

1 Employees$45K - $39K$89K russian federa..16%

2 Employees$26K - $36K$74K -1%
"Era Glonass" LLC.

- Employees$22K - $14K$68K -22%Export
Berezniki Soda Plant JSC

- Employees$25K - $29K$96K -28%

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Using Amiro.CMS for finding leads

This curated list of companies using the Amiro.CMS technology holds immense value for sales teams. It has the potential to serve as a comprehensive guide for teams that want to identify and reach out to potential leads. Companies using Amiro.CMS are likely to be interested in similar or complementary technologies, products, and services.

The list performs multiple functions:

  1. Identifying Potential Leads: By targeting companies that use Amiro.CMS, sales teams can pinpoint organizations that are already investing in web content management solutions. These organizations may have specific needs and budgets for web technologies, marking them as high-potential prospects for related solutions.

  2. Understanding Market Segments: A comprehensive list can provide insights into the types of companies investing in Amiro.CMS technology — whether they're SMEs, large conglomerates or specific industries. Sales strategies can be tailored based on this knowledge.

  3. Build Strategic Partnerships: Partnerships or collaborations with companies on the list can be explored. Companies using Amiro.CMS could be potential partners for integration purposes, or they could form alliances to tap into each other's customer bases.

  4. Insights on Competitors: This can give an idea of the competitive landscape. By understanding which companies are using Amiro.CMS, sales teams can identify their competitors, learn about their offerings, and position their products or services to stand out.

  5. Personalizing Pitch: Knowing the specific CMS a prospect uses can help tailor a sales pitch to resonate more with the prospective customer. The pitch can focus on how the product or service enhances or complements the capabilities of Amiro.CMS.

In summation, this list can act as a compass for sales teams, guiding them towards more qualified leads, strategic alliances, and tailored outreach strategies. It offers them a unique opportunity to turn potential leads into successful conversions.

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