Companies using Ametys

Ametys is an open source web content management system (CMS) written in Java. It provides a user-friendly interface for managing and publishing web content, including text, images, videos, and other digital assets. Ametys uses the Apache Struts framework as a basis for its design and includes several built-in features, such as version control, workflow management, and content reuse. It also supports multiple languages and allows for customization through the use of themes and plugins. Ametys is designed to be highly scalable and can be used for a range of applications, from small websites to large enterprise-level projects. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, which means that it can be downloaded and used for free by anyone, and can be modified and distributed according to the terms of the license.

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185 companies are currently using Ametys


VastPRO Technologies Priv..

sans limits

41 Employees$45K - $30K$79K india25%Export

« better understanding » ..

7 Employees$42K - $3K$81K france56%Export
Institut national d'histo..

un institut au service de..

176 Employees$3K - $34K$88K france87%Export
Agro Toulouse Consulting

nos compétences au servic..

15 Employees$23K - $2K$91K france46%Export
Le Mans Université

notre ambition, c'est vou..

991 Employees$11K - $40K$67K france19%Export
Toulouse INP - Formation ..

centre de formation des e..

8 Employees$8K - $39K$56K france33%Export
ECND Academy

un atelier-école pour la ..

3 Employees$25K - $9K$95K france77%Export
IUT de Laval

90 Employees$45K - $26K$73K france65%Export
IMMM - Institut des Moléc..

unité mixte de recherche ..

35 Employees$32K - $39K$52K france38%Export
Université d'Angers

nous multiplions les init..

1,927 Employees$4K - $34K$81K france88%Export
MANTA - MAriNe maTeriAls

development of bio-inspir..

6 Employees$49K - $26K$51K france98%Export
IUT Angers-Cholet

bienvenue dans votre aven..

70 Employees$49K - $6K$56K france51%Export
Campus des Métiers et des..

la force d'un réseau au s..

3 Employees$2K - $15K$66K france17%Export
university of pau and ado..

l'uppa fait partie des 17..

1,489 Employees$8K - $26K$69K france65%Export
Institut de Science des M..

spécialiste des matériaux..

48 Employees$36K - $21K$72K france89%Export

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Using Ametys for finding leads

The list provided is a valuable resource for sales teams looking to identify potential leads. Companies featured on this page are users of Ametys, an advanced content-based web platform. This knowledge carries multiple benefits for sales and marketing teams.

Knowing that a company uses Ametys can be valuable for organizations offering auxiliary services or products. For instance, businesses that offer plugins, extensions for Ametys, or ancillary technology solutions can leverage this list as an opportunity to target a specific and relevant audience.

Additionally, the list can provide insights into the general technological orientation of these companies, which might be beneficial for sales strategies. It can reveal a company's inclination towards investing in quality web platforms, implying a commitment to digital development, which is valuable information when presenting related products or services.

Having access to this list equips sales teams with intelligence to refine targeting and segmentation strategies. Companies on the list are likely to be technologically forward-thinking, making them potentially receptive to innovative solutions. This refined targeting could result in better conversion rates, as well as more efficient use of resources.

Finally, leveraging the association with Ametys could serve as a powerful conversation opener and rapport builder. This could lead to more engaging interactions and potentially fruitful business relationships.

Through all these possibilities, this list becomes an incredibly beneficial tool for sales teams aiming to find leads with an existing interest in progressive web solutions. The use of this resource streamlines lead prospecting, making it more targeted and efficient.

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