Companies using Aimtell

Aimtell is a cloud-based marketing tool that enables businesses and digital marketers to send push notifications to their website visitors in real-time. Aimtell helps businesses to increase engagement and conversions by delivering personalized, targeted messages to their subscribers. The platform offers features like segmentation, automation, and analytics to help users create effective campaigns that deliver results. With Aimtell, businesses can track metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated from push notifications. The platform supports multiple types of notifications including welcome messages, abandoned cart reminders, price drop alerts, and more. Aimtell also provides integration with third-party tools like Google Analytics, Shopify, and WooCommerce to enhance the functionality of the platform. Overall, Aimtell is a powerful marketing tool that enables businesses to engage with their audience effectively and drive growth.

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525 companies are currently using Aimtell



wardrobe essentials comfo..

103 Employees$35K - $22K$62K united states ..46%Export

building a better economy..

48 Employees$28K - $16K$55K united kingdom..86%Export

we can help grow your ema..

15 Employees$7K - $34K$70K united states ..22%Export

quality shades that won't..

46 Employees$30K - $5K$64K united states ..62%Export

redefining the way women ..

95 Employees$34K - $41K$55K united states ..77%Export
CCM Motorcycles

an independent family fir..

30 Employees$30K - $32K$67K united kingdom..46%Export
T3 Sixty

enabling intelligent chan..

37 Employees$47K - $27K$61K united states ..29%Export

#1 marketplace to buy & s..

155 Employees$38K - $36K$76K australia7%Export
Arkangel AI

🚀 ai as a service platfo..

10 Employees$27K - $42K$84K colombia64%Export
Aetrex, Inc.

the global leader in foot..

179 Employees$44K - $32K$67K united states ..86%Export

healthy living for all

68 Employees$14K - $45K$67K united kingdom..55%Export
Alliance Petroleum Intere..

developing domestic resou..

11 Employees$16K - $40K$97K united states ..94%Export

empowering beautiful, mea..

62 Employees$48K - $30K$64K united states ..22%Export
Wool and the Gang

29 Employees$38K - $25K$65K united kingdom..51%Export
Digital Media Solutions

digital media solutions i..

368 Employees$13K - $35K$96K united states ..38%Export

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Using Aimtell for finding leads

The list of companies leveraging Aimtell provides a unique informational resource, offering a wealth of value for sales teams. This curated selection can become a directory of potential leads that resonate with sales teams' offerings. The data can also be utilized to insightfully align and craft sales strategies.

By knowing which companies are using Aimtell, sales teams can derive insights into the business's marketing methods, especially regarding web-based push notifications. This can offer clues about a company's current strategies and customer engagement methods, which allows sales teams to tailor their pitches accordingly.

A company that uses Aimtell signals its focus on digital marketing and efficient customer engagement. It suggests an active interest in leveraging modern tools for marketing and communication. For sales professionals offering marketing services or products that complement or improve upon Aimtell's features, this list can guide them directly to their optimal prospects.

Further opportunities emerge if the sales teams are providing products or services that cater to business digitization or customer engagement. Detailed pitches can be outlined, focusing on the potential synergies between what is being sold and the company's current aim to capitalize on web-based push notifications.

Additionally, the list can serve as a study resource.There's a potential to learn from leading or innovative businesses. Observing their engagement tactics can improve understanding of industry trends, leading to innovations in sales tactics and positioning.

In summary, the list of companies using Aimtell is a valuable asset for sales teams. It identifies potential leads, assists in shaping sales strategies, and provides a learning reference for industry trends. In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, such an informational resource is indispensable in moving a step ahead in the competitive sales landscape.

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