is a software solution that helps website owners to comply with cookie policies. The tool provides users with the necessary features to ensure that their websites comply with cookie consent requirements. It enables website owners to add customizable cookie banners and obtain user consent for cookies. also offers features such as automatic cookie scanning, cookie categorization, and granular control over cookies. With these features, website owners can create a comprehensive cookie policy that meets legal requirements. Additionally, provides analytics tools that allow users to monitor their website's compliance status and track user consent. By using, website owners can avoid potential fines resulting from non-compliance and offer an enhanced user experience by providing transparent cookie usage information.

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169 Companies using

Area - Noleggio Lungo Ter..

In tutta Italia il Nolegg..

9$27K - $34K$90K italy55%
SFRE • Services For Real ..

un team di professionisti..

92$18K - $18K$83K italy39%

illuminate your dreams

21$8K - $9K$96K italy35%
Enic Meetings & Events

una lunga storia di event..

39$29K - $44K$88K italy17%

vivere meglio. since 1992..

37$31K - $26K$60K italy74%
Debit Consulting S.r.l.

una società di consulenza..

4$45K - $5K$70K italy81%
S-MART Italia

be s-mart, be safe!

29$13K - $1K$4K italy67%
Blue Day

Perché l'informatica sia ..

17$20K - $23K$87K italy79%
Ars Hotels

9$31K - $5K$72K italy21%

la tua mobilità nella for..

38$46K - $5K$81K italy64%
Fischer & Rechsteiner Com..

fischer & rechsteiner – s..

59$4K - $27K$6K italy27%
Caffè Toraldo

Neapolitan Espresso and I..

12$23K - $6K$55K italy51%
Euroffice S.r.l.

non vendiamo prodotti, of..

15$42K - $17K$71K italy36%
Holbein & Partners s.r.l...

L’Agenzia di Comunicazion..

5$11K - $3K$63K italy94%
Progetto Casa Service

dai valore al tuo tempo

8$19K - $25K$69K italy79%

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How to use is a software solution that can help you achieve cookie policy compliance for your website. To use it, first sign up for an account on the Acconsento website. Once you have an account, you can create a new project and configure your cookie policy settings.

To do this, go to the "Settings" page and select "Cookie Banner". Here you can customize the banner's appearance, choose which types of cookies to allow or block, and add any necessary disclaimers or information about your cookie usage.

After configuring your cookie policy settings, you can generate a code snippet that you can insert into your website's HTML code. This will display the cookie banner when users visit your site and give them the option to accept or reject cookies based on your policy.

You can also use to monitor and manage user consent data, track website analytics, and maintain compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Overall, provides a comprehensive solution for achieving cookie policy compliance for your website. By using its tools and features, you can ensure that your site is in line with the latest privacy regulations, while also providing a clear and transparent experience for your users.

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