Accesso is a technology company that specializes in providing various software solutions for the leisure and entertainment industry. The company's primary focus is to help its clients streamline their ticketing, e-commerce, and point-of-sale operations so that they can provide a better experience for their customers. Accesso's ticketing solution allows its clients to manage all aspects of the ticketing process, from the initial sale to the scanning of tickets at the entrance. This includes online sales, mobile ticketing, and the ability to sell tickets at physical locations. With Accesso's e-commerce platform, clients are able to sell merchandise and other products related to their event or attraction. In addition to ticketing and e-commerce, Accesso also provides a point-of-sale system that makes it easy for clients to manage transactions and inventory at their physical locations. This system can be used for everything from food and beverage sales to retail purchases. One of the core benefits of Accesso's solutions is that they are designed to work together seamlessly. This means that clients can use the same system for ticketing, e-commerce, and point-of-sale, which simplifies operations and reduces the likelihood of errors. Overall, Accesso's solutions are designed to help entertainment and leisure businesses provide a better customer experience by streamlining operations and making it easier for customers to purchase tickets and other products.

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168 Companies using Accesso

OWA Parks & Resort

owa parks & resort — the ..

69$2K - $45K$80K united states ..96%
San Francisco Zoo & Garde..

animals amaze, conservati..

166$31K - $24K$123K united states ..84%

orlando’s favorite place ..

65$27K - $34K$73K united states ..70%
Granby Ranch

where all trails lead to ..

76$2K - $32K$30K united states ..71%
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwal..

the classic california be..

111$26K - $32K$85K united states ..81%

located in unspoiled nort..

132$29K - $30K$187K united states ..2%
Ober Mountain

tennessee's only ski area..

130$19K - $3K$71K united states ..43%
Chessington World of Adve..

britain's wildest adventu..

406$21K - $3K$79K united kingdom..20%
Shanty Creek Resorts

5,500 acres of pure michi..

108$20K - $48K$46K united states ..82%
Michigan's Adventure Amus..

Michigan's largest amusem..

70$25K - $33K$60K united states ..100%
Chestnut Mountain Resort

41$6K - $38K$23K united states ..90%
Wisp Resort

Wisp Resort, Maryland's o..

111$34K - $17K$95K united states ..89%
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

we're building the ultima..

445$7K - $1K$55K united kingdom..14%

the uk's most thrilling t..

371$31K - $32K$82K united kingdom..76%
The Bear Grylls Adventure..

escape the ordinary, expe..

35$27K - $36K$70K united kingdom..93%

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How to use Accesso

Accesso is a powerful platform that offers a range of tools to help businesses manage their ticketing, ecommerce, and Point-of-Sale (PoS) operations. Here's how you can make the most of Accesso:

Ticketing: Accesso's ticketing solution makes selling and managing tickets for events, attractions, and more a breeze. To use this feature, start by creating an event in the Accesso dashboard. From there, you can set up your ticket types, pricing, and availability dates. Once your event is live, customers can purchase tickets through your website or mobile app. Accesso handles all the backend logistics, including payments, fraud prevention, and customer support. You can also use the platform's reporting tools to track sales and user data.

Ecommerce: Accesso's ecommerce solution lets you sell merchandise, memberships, and other digital products alongside your ticket sales. To get started, create a store within the Accesso dashboard and add your products. You can customize your storefront with branding and design elements to match your business. Customers can browse and purchase items directly from your website or mobile app. Accesso handles all the backend logistics, including payments, inventory management, and shipping. You can also use the platform's reporting tools to track sales and user data.

Point-of-Sale (PoS): Accesso's PoS solution streamlines your in-person transactions, whether you're selling tickets, merchandise, or food and beverage items. To use this feature, set up a PoS terminal within the Accesso dashboard. You can connect it to hardware such as cash registers, barcode scanners, and card readers. Then, when customers make a purchase in-person, you can easily process their payment and manage your inventory. Accesso handles all the backend logistics, including payments, reporting, and customer support.

Overall, Accesso is a versatile platform that can help businesses of all sizes manage their ticketing, ecommerce, and PoS operations. By integrating these tools into your business, you can streamline your operations and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

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