Companies using Yandex.Cloud

Yandex.Cloud is a cloud computing platform that provides companies with access to Yandex's powerful infrastructure, advanced technologies, and scalable computing resources. It allows businesses to create and develop projects on a public cloud platform, which can be customized to meet their specific needs. The platform offers various services such as virtual machines, storage, networking, AI/ML tools, databases, and containers. Companies can choose from different pricing models to pay only for the resources they use without any upfront costs or long-term commitments. Additionally, Yandex.Cloud provides high-level security features like data encryption, network isolation, and secure authentication methods. With Yandex.Cloud, companies can quickly and easily deploy applications, store data, and scale resources up or down based on demand.

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110 companies are currently using Yandex.Cloud



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Using Yandex.Cloud for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Yandex.Cloud offers a stratified panorama of organizations adopting this advanced cloud technology for their digital operations and project development. This listing unveils key insight into a diverse collective of companies, their scale, and their industries, providing a significant market landscape for sales teams.

Understanding which businesses are utilizing Yandex.Cloud helps sales teams to home in on the leads that are most relevant to their offerings. Given that these companies are already using a sophisticated cloud platform, it's clear that they value technology, innovation, and digital transformation. Their utilization of Yandex.Cloud suggests their willingness to invest in solutions that ensure scalability and efficiency.

For sales teams selling products or services adjacent or complementary to Yandex.Cloud technology, this list aids in pinpointing organizations likely to be receptive to their proposed solutions. Equipped with the knowledge of a company's use of Yandex.Cloud, sales teams can tailor their pitching and product demonstrations to show how their offerings dovetail with or enhance the Yandex.Cloud experience.

It's also worth pointing out that if sales teams engage in solutions that compete with Yandex.Cloud, this list serves as a target market for proposing alternatives. It may be the case that some of these companies are experiencing pain points with Yandex.Cloud that the sales team's offering could alleviate. Knowing their prospects are versed in cloud technology also allows for more in-depth, relevant discussions.

Thus, the value of the list of companies using Yandex.Cloud transcends just the contact information of the organizations. It helps sales teams to efficiently narrow their prospect list, tailor their approach, and engage in insightful conversations with potential customers who are technology-aware and innovation-driven.

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