Companies using is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that provides an end-to-end web application hosting solution. It allows developers to easily deploy their applications and manage their entire development lifecycle, from coding to deployment. supports a variety of programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java and Go. It also integrates with numerous databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

One of the key features of is its container-based architecture which allows developers to create isolated environments for testing and development. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in managing the development and deployment process. offers a number of tools and services, including automation of development workflows, continuous integration and delivery pipelines, version control, and collaborative team management.

Overall, aims to simplify the complex process of deploying and managing web applications by providing a comprehensive, scalable and reliable hosting solution.

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9,874 companies are currently using



organic home textiles wit..

43 Employees$11K - $41K$70K united states ..100%Export
Virtue Labs LLC

the world didn't need ano..

58 Employees$2K - $45K$77K united states ..7%Export
DisplayNote Technologies ..

present, share and collab..

41 Employees$4K - $24K$81K united kingdom..76%Export

unleash your potential®

38 Employees$42K - $29K$73K united states ..27%Export

we're reconnecting people..

178 Employees$4K - $18K$55K united kingdom..71%Export

the world leader in perfo..

88 Employees$24K - $16K$89K united states ..74%Export
Kapten & Son

be the experience.

152 Employees$20K - $34K$70K germany29%Export

permettre à chacun de fai..

77 Employees$29K - $40K$92K france30%Export
Proximic by Comscore

programmatic addressabili..

34 Employees$50K - $25K$51K united states ..55%Export
TAINA Technology Limited

regulatory technology as ..

60 Employees$5K - $40K$82K united kingdom..56%Export

créateur de symfony

90 Employees$8K - $45K$57K france63%Export
The New Humanitarian

journalism from the heart..

83 Employees$14K - $33K$89K switzerland99%Export
Maxeon Solar Technologies..

powering positive change™..

84 Employees$42K - $17K$65K united states ..18%Export

we are a cloud communicat..

111 Employees$19K - $39K$58K united kingdom..27%Export

systems that work. soluti..

41 Employees$13K - $2K$74K united kingdom..49%Export

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Using for finding leads

The list of businesses leveraging offers distinct advantages to those seeking to identify high potential leads. Firstly, these organizations are likely to be tech savvy and prioritize modern methodologies when it comes to web application development and site hosting. Developing relationships with companies that prioritize up-to-date technology can position a product or service as future-proof, thus creating more interest.

Additionally, understanding that these companies utilize indicates an emphasis on SaaS products, streamlined development workflows, and a commitment to scalable operations. These insights can be invaluable when tailoring a sales approach or designing a custom solution.

The list also facilitates competitor analysis. By identifying what companies use, sales teams can create a profile of the 'typical' adopter, helping them focus their resources on bespoke solutions for similar companies. This will make their sales proposition more relevant and compelling, greatly increasing the chance of conversion.

Furthermore, knowledge of the CMS or eCommerce platform (Drupal, WordPress, Magento, eZ Platform, Typo3, etc.) a company uses can offer an insight on how they operate. This information can be used to anticipate their needs and challenges and to tailor a value proposition that specifically addresses those needs and challenges, increasing chances of a successful sale.

For businesses looking to sell complementary services, tools or apps, the list works as a solid starting point. One could argue that these companies might be more open to adopting new solutions since they are already using a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution like

Overall, the list of companies using stands as an invaluable asset for sales teams, offering insights that can help streamline the sales process, target the right clients, and ultimately drive significant improvements in conversion rates.

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