Companies using Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides various services such as virtual machines, storage, databases, networking, and analytics. It allows developers to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services using different programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Azure offers high availability, scalability, and security by hosting applications and data in Microsoft-managed data centers across the globe. Users can pay for Azure services on a consumption basis or through different subscription models. With Azure, businesses can reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, increase productivity, and achieve faster time-to-market for their applications and services.

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136,707 companies are currently using Azure



insurtech as a service | ..

25 Employees$25K - $6K$53K united states ..49%Export
Upfront Healthcare

guiding every patient to ..

119 Employees$33K - $37K$58K united states ..80%Export

a new paradigm for crypto..

20 Employees$21K - $41K$81K united states ..58%Export
Sourcemap: the Supply Cha..

the leading provider of t..

77 Employees$27K - $26K$55K united states ..11%Export
Nymbl Science

a highly engaged digital ..

34 Employees$19K - $45K$58K united states ..6%Export
PanelClaw, Inc. An Enstal..

transforming c&i rooftop ..

44 Employees$3K - $7K$50K united states ..25%Export

simba chain makes it easy..

68 Employees$7K - $9K$52K united states ..81%Export

the #1 universal gift reg..

58 Employees$38K - $46K$76K united states ..17%Export
Brookfield Aviation Inter..

aviation jobs - pilot tra..

32 Employees$19K - $23K$70K united kingdom..71%Export
Zakeke - The Visual Comme..

create an immersive & uni..

47 Employees$42K - $14K$82K italy31%Export
Maistro Group

procurement | e-sourcing ..

40 Employees$32K - $47K$69K united kingdom..13%Export

delivery by magic™

15 Employees$43K - $41K$53K united states ..96%Export
Marketplace Events

marketplace events create..

173 Employees$34K - $39K$74K united states ..55%Export

proven, powerful, perform..

157 Employees$3K - $37K$67K united states ..26%Export
Shaping Cloud

shaping cloud envisions a..

30 Employees$39K - $27K$84K united kingdom..83%Export

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Using Azure for finding leads

The list of companies using Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform provides significant value to sales and marketing teams. It offers a focused starting point for identifying and understanding potential leads that prioritize innovative, cloud-based solutions for their operations.

By examining this list, teams can pinpoint organizations that value and invest in cloud-based services, which are integral to business efficiency, scalability, and data management. This targeted knowledge enables teams to tailor their outreach and present solutions in a way that speaks directly to these needs. Understanding the difficulties and challenges related to cloud computing will help in formulating strategies that fit the prospect's needs.

The list also provides insight into a potential lead's technology stack. Recognizing that an organization is leveraging Azure services can assist in understanding their technical environment better, thus, sales teams can propose comprehensive, compatible solutions.

Moreover, a review of these organizations can highlight trends across industries, offering valuable insights into which sectors are investing heavily in cloud computing. Sales strategies can then be smartly devised to focus on these industries, optimizing efforts, and resources.

It is also important to note that companies investing in Azure are likely to be conscious of digital transformation and the role of advanced technologies in their growth. This open-mindedness towards innovation can prove beneficial in proposing and introducing new products or services.

In summary, this list of Azure-using companies is a valuable resource for sales teams in identifying and understanding potential prospects, streamlining their outreach strategies, and optimizing their efforts towards the most promising sectors. This insight will ultimately drive more successful conversions and foster lasting customer relationships.

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