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XOOPS is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows users to easily create and manage websites. CMSs are software applications that make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and publish content on a website.

XOOPS stands for "eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System" and is written in PHP programming language. It was first released in 2002 and has since then been used to power thousands of websites across the world.

One of the main features of XOOPS is its modular architecture. This means that users can choose which features they want to use on their website by installing and activating different modules. There are over 300 modules available for XOOPS, including forums, galleries, calendars, and more.

Another key feature of XOOPS is its user management system. With XOOPS, users can create multiple user accounts with different permission levels. This makes it easy to manage a website with multiple contributors or editors.

XOOPS also includes built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools, making it easier for websites to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, XOOPS supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users around the world.

Overall, XOOPS is a powerful and flexible CMS that allows users to create and manage websites without needing extensive technical knowledge. Its modular design and user management system make it a popular choice among website owners and developers.

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177 companies are currently using XOOPS



16 Employees$20K - $9K$53K spain23%Export
A3 Technologies

26 Employees$42K - $24K$96K united states ..95%Export
IFEH centre de formation

6 Employees$37K - $5K$73K france18%Export
KAORI - Go For Sustainabl..

start from #heattreatment..

81 Employees$22K - $40K$66K taiwan19%Export
Fundação Celepar

construimos relacionament..

6 Employees$13K - $9K$61K brazil5%Export

9 Employees$34K - $41K$89K taiwan91%Export
MJC Monplaisir / Espace d..

lieu ouvert à tous !

34 Employees$43K - $32K$89K france81%Export
Efficiency Unit Rotating ..

technical support recipro..

1 Employees$2K - $24K$85K netherlands36%Export
Universidade Estadual de ..

41 Employees$44K - $50K$84K brazil74%Export
Association Bioteka

association for promotion..

5 Employees$39K - $37K$95K croatia52%Export
wolfgang teuschitz e.u.

1 Employees$25K - $6K$63K austria77%Export
Chalut Green Service SA

1 Employees$33K - $21K$76K switzerland52%Export
Rede Paraná Educativa TV ..

55 Employees$24K - $29K$91K brazil82%Export
UNIcrane Machinery Co., L..

Your professional steel s..

15 Employees$38K - $5K$80K china11%Export

1 Employees$37K - $2K$73K netherlands56%Export

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Using XOOPS for finding leads

The list of companies using XOOPS provides crucial insights for sales teams looking to identify potential leads in the field of web content management. This list showcases companies that value a robust, user-friendly, and extensible Content Management System (CMS), which can indicate their preference for sophisticated online solutions.

An understanding of the needs and preferences of these companies provides an avenue for creating tailored sales pitches. Sales teams can leverage this information to position their products or services as solutions that keep pace with or even enhance the flexibility and efficiency offered by a CMS like XOOPS.

Interestingly, a company that uses XOOPS is likely tech-forward and appreciates customizable solutions. Knowing this gives sales teams the edge in aligning their solutions to the critical values of a prospective lead, be it versatility, ease of use, or security.

Additionally, the list serves as a tool to better understand industry trends. The sectors these companies operate in, their size, and their location can provide patterns conducive for creating a holistic sales strategy. It's data that informs marketing efforts, targets resources effectively, and emphasizes personalization in reaching out to these companies.

In conclusion, the list of companies using XOOPS is more than a mere record. It’s a strategic asset that helps to broaden the horizon for sales opportunities, offering intel to fine-tune propositions and ultimately, drive successful conversions.

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