Companies using WebsiteBaker

WebsiteBaker is an open-source content management system (CMS) designed to simplify the creation of websites. It allows users to manage the content and layout of their website through a user-friendly interface, without requiring extensive technical knowledge or programming skills. WebsiteBaker offers a range of features including templates, modules, and plugins that can be easily installed and customized to meet the specific needs of a website. The system is based on PHP and uses a MySQL database to store website data. With its intuitive interface and flexible architecture, WebsiteBaker is a popular choice for individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations looking for an easy way to create and maintain a professional-looking website.

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122 companies are currently using WebsiteBaker


Bekum Group

our technology - your suc..

86 Employees$12K - $41K$64K germany99%Export
Briss Personnel Recruitme..

passion for people and re..

4 Employees$43K - $10K$57K germany71%Export
Akademie für Management-K..

besser reden - mehr errei..

3 Employees$32K - $18K$51K germany40%Export
Lift Reith GmbH & Co. KG

Mit uns bleiben Sie mobil..

1 Employees$22K - $24K$74K -80%Export
Sealtek Deutschland GmbH

2 Employees$22K - $17K$60K germany78%Export
Yoonecs GmbH

3 Employees$27K - $24K$78K germany19%Export

1 Employees$38K - $22K$67K netherlands63%Export
Promo potovanja d.o.o.

1 Employees$22K - $46K$52K slovenia18%Export
LWM bv

lwm richt zich op de werk..

9 Employees$35K - $23K$58K netherlands88%Export
Toolco UK Ltd

5 Employees$16K - $46K$98K united kingdom..49%Export
Terra Calidus GmbH

2 Employees$32K - $41K$66K germany37%
Anton Klein Industrieverp..

1 Employees$49K - $49K$82K -2%
Forstbetrieb Burchardt

1 Employees$24K - $33K$86K germany51%Export
Accura NTV KG

1 Employees$16K - $16K$100K germany10%
Castillo del Mar

6 Employees$13K - $42K$93K spain66%Export

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Using WebsiteBaker for finding leads

This listing of companies utilizing WebsiteBaker provides invaluable data for sales teams aiming to find new business opportunities within the web technology sector. It constitutes a comprehensive database of potential leads who perceive value in WebsiteBaker, a robust and user-friendly open-source Content Management System (CMS).

Profiling those organizations that utilize WebsiteBaker can assist in spotting trends or correlations in industry type, company size, or geographic distribution. These data points might deliver useful insights, helping to fine-tune business strategies and craft more precise, compelling sales pitches. For instance, if a significant proportion of businesses on the list operate in e-commerce, it signals a potential affinity between WebsiteBaker and e-commerce players. Sales teams could then focus their efforts on this segment, developing tailored proposals that highlight the distinct benefits WebsiteBaker can offer for e-commerce operations.

Moreover, this list can help identify which businesses might be open to associated products or services. Companies already availing themselves of WebsiteBaker's CMS services might be receptive to offerings that complement or enhance their web capabilities, such as customized website design, SEO optimization services, or additional security tools.

Finally, having access to a detailed list of WebsiteBaker's users is a powerful networking tool. It provides a foot in the door for establishing relationships with decision-makers in these companies. It also offers opportunities for mutual learning and exchanging experiences that can be beneficial for all parties involved. Therefore, this list can prove to be an indispensable tool in expanding a customer base, fostering collaborations, and boosting sales.

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