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Viral Loops is a marketing platform that enables the launch of ranking competitions, sweepstakes, pre-launch and referral programs with the aim of generating more traffic to a particular website or product. It utilizes viral and referral marketing strategies to expand reach and attract more customers or users. Through Viral Loops, businesses can easily create and launch effective referral campaigns, incentivize participants or customers, track progress and reward successful referrals, monitor conversions, and achieve sustainable growth. The platform offers various features such as customizable templates, analytics, integrations with other marketing tools, and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and manage marketing campaigns. By leveraging on the power of social proof, Viral Loops enables businesses to amplify their online presence and increase brand recognition by tapping into the networks of existing customers or users. Overall, Viral Loops provides an effective way for businesses and startups to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing and drive organic growth.

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661 companies are currently using Viral Loops



the one place to plan, cr..

42 Employees$38K - $49K$97K united states ..87%Export

work is designed to get t..

32 Employees$15K - $11K$54K united states ..47%Export
Loyal / Cellular Longevit..

loyal is developing the f..

53 Employees$46K - $28K$62K united states ..87%Export

the smarter way to find p..

91 Employees$14K - $31K$50K united kingdom..59%Export

build your world

47 Employees$5K - $37K$84K united states ..67%Export

the financial ally of you..

25 Employees$8K - $24K$81K united states ..45%Export

invest in private equity,..

112 Employees$28K - $24K$86K united states ..9%Export

bring the world more ways..

32 Employees$12K - $25K$58K united states ..77%Export
NATIX Network

the first #ai-powered dyn..

36 Employees$12K - $36K$71K germany68%Export

automate repetitive tasks..

43 Employees$19K - $10K$59K united states ..48%Export
LCX - liechtenstein c..

96 Employees$17K - $4K$72K liechtenstein4%Export

fintech for teens. cards,..

58 Employees$11K - $12K$82K united states ..78%Export

powering the people chang..

91 Employees$28K - $8K$99K united states ..19%Export
Entrepreneurs Circle

ec exists to educate, mot..

73 Employees$22K - $12K$54K united kingdom..33%Export
Lux & Nyx

we're arming a rising gen..

6 Employees$5K - $49K$65K united states ..90%Export

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Using Viral Loops for finding leads

The list of companies using the Viral Loops platform is a valuable resource for sales teams searching for potential leads. This list can provide invaluable insights into a particular market segment where companies recognize the importance of viral and referral marketing.

Sales teams can use this list to identify prospects that may be keen on innovative digital marketing strategies, showing an openness to new technologies and trending methodologies. The fact that a company uses Viral Loops implies they value the power of customer referral and viral marketing campaigns, indicating they might be interested in complementary services or products that leverage these marketing strategies.

By studying patterns in this list, sales teams can also discover commonalities and trends among these companies, such as industries where Viral Loops dominates or certain business sizes that typically implement this platform. These insights can aid in tailoring pitches for potential leads.

Furthermore, knowing a prospect is a Viral Loops user allows for knowledge-based conversation starters, where a sales team can approach a prospective client with relevant proposals, increasing the chance of conversion considerably.

Overall, a list of companies using Viral Loops can serve as a springboard for sales teams to find and approach potential leads more effectively. It's a strategic tool that empowers with a wealth of knowledge, targeting, and profitable interactions.

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