Companies using Friendbuy

Friendbuy is a referral marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes harness the power of their existing customer base to drive new customer acquisition. The cloud-based solution is designed specifically for ecommerce businesses and can be easily integrated with any website or online store.

Friendbuy enables businesses to create personalized referral campaigns that incentivize happy customers to share their positive experiences with their friends and family. These campaigns can be customized to fit the unique needs of each business, allowing them to choose the rewards that work best for their customers.

The Friendbuy platform provides detailed analytics and tracking tools that allow businesses to monitor the success of their referral campaigns in real-time. This data includes metrics such as clicks, shares, conversions, and revenue generated from referrals.

In addition to its core referral marketing capabilities, Friendbuy also offers a range of additional features designed to help ecommerce businesses grow and engage their audience. These include A/B testing, email marketing integrations, and social sharing widgets.

Overall, Friendbuy is an effective and easy-to-use solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of their existing customer base to drive new sales and growth. With its comprehensive set of tools and analytics, businesses can optimize their referral marketing efforts and maximize their ROI.

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475 companies are currently using Friendbuy


Jean Dousset

designer lab diamond enga..

16 Employees$38K - $32K$97K united states ..71%Export

product design company he..

133 Employees$13K - $8K$94K united states ..14%Export

improving safety, reducin..

44 Employees$19K - $3K$98K united states ..4%Export

connecting people with th..

142 Employees$28K - $33K$82K united states ..61%Export
Unagi Scooters

your own perfect scooter ..

43 Employees$16K - $38K$82K united states ..65%Export

shapeways’ digital manufa..

187 Employees$9K - $17K$52K united states ..18%Export
Diggs Pet

we design innovative, eas..

28 Employees$10K - $39K$69K united states ..49%Export
Omni Fiber

delivering 100% fiber int..

58 Employees$22K - $27K$87K united states ..26%Export

designed to take you ever..

127 Employees$32K - $7K$80K united states ..56%Export
Edie Parker

16 Employees$4K - $29K$53K united states ..92%Export

the brand new way to desi..

157 Employees$15K - $18K$56K united states ..28%Export

powerful cleaning from na..

49 Employees$44K - $5K$56K united states ..41%Export
Herbivore Botanicals

truly natural, sensorial ..

61 Employees$48K - $6K$80K united states ..17%Export
The Great. / Emily + Meri..

accepting resumes careers..

57 Employees$25K - $24K$51K united states ..23%Export

indian products at your d..

54 Employees$32K - $41K$100K united states ..81%Export

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Using Friendbuy for finding leads

The compilation of companies using Friendbuy provides a valuable resource for sales teams looking for leads. Friendbuy, a cloud-based referral marketing solution, has users across a wide range of e-commerce businesses, offering an extensive pool of potential prospects.

This list serves as a concentrated market segment for sales teams. Each entry represents a business attuned to leveraging advanced technologies for their marketing efforts. This insight aids in precise targeting, allowing sales representatives to focus on those who recognize the importance of and have a budget for such solutions, consequently saving time and resources.

Furthermore, as users of the renowned referral marketing solution, these businesses demonstrate an interest in improving and innovating their marketing strategies. They are likely to be open to discussions around complementary services, upgrades, or new solutions that can enhance their existing marketing suite - which sales teams can utilize to their advantage.

Besides, learning more about these businesses and their experience with technologies like Friendbuy can equip sales professionals with critical information. Understanding their needs, challenges, and goals can help in crafting personalized pitches, improving the likelihood of a successful sale.

Finally, as a curated list of active Friendbuy users, it provides opportunities for strategic partnerships and cross-promotion, which can lead to significant growth.

Therefore, the list of companies using Friendbuy serves as a treasure trove of potential leads for savvy sales teams, affording them the opportunity to target receptive audiences, tailor pitches more effectively, and identify potential areas for growth or collaboration.

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