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Mention Me is a referral marketing platform that helps ecommerce brands to increase their conversion rates through customer referrals. It provides businesses with the tools they need to create and manage their referral campaigns effectively. The platform enables customers to share their positive experiences with a brand through personalized links, email invitations or social media posts, and rewards them for each successful referral. Additionally, Mention Me offers various features such as A/B testing, fraud prevention, and detailed analytics which allows businesses to optimize their campaigns and track their performance. Ultimately, Mention Me aims to help ecommerce brands to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing to acquire new customers, increase their sales and revenue, and build long-term relationships with their customers.

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102 companies are currently using Mention Me



subverting the classics....

34 Employees$24K - $26K$73K united kingdom..54%Export

share the everyday, anyda..

42 Employees$22K - $19K$73K united kingdom..81%Export
Mention Me

we empower brands to harn..

118 Employees$48K - $15K$61K united kingdom..64%Export

airportr connects airline..

48 Employees$2K - $1K$72K united kingdom..53%Export
BYBI Beauty

skin positive, pro-planet..

8 Employees$2K - $22K$91K united kingdom..99%Export

want to be a #simmigirl?

44 Employees$37K - $13K$60K united kingdom..28%Export
Lucy & Yak

leaders of the comfort mo..

102 Employees$7K - $24K$84K united kingdom..69%Export
Moon Juice

intelligent self care®

73 Employees$8K - $28K$85K united states ..39%Export
Chelsea Peers

made for modern lounging...

18 Employees$14K - $25K$80K united kingdom..61%Export

healthy living for all

68 Employees$10K - $14K$65K united kingdom..76%Export

our mission is to lead a ..

18 Employees$38K - $36K$90K united kingdom..85%Export

#saltrocksoul #saltrockin..

138 Employees$28K - $1K$88K united kingdom..52%Export
COOK Trading Ltd

award-winning, frozen mea..

267 Employees$37K - $21K$86K united kingdom..48%Export
BAM Bamboo Clothing

drapers award winner. mem..

40 Employees$12K - $43K$51K united kingdom..49%Export
Festive Lights Ltd

the essence of our brand ..

40 Employees$4K - $37K$71K united kingdom..56%Export

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Using Mention Me for finding leads

The list of companies using Mention Me offers a promising place for sales teams to identify prospective clients. Providing a curated selection of conversion-focused ecommerce brands who believe in the power of referral marketing, it serves as a goldmine of potential leads.

Mention Me, a leading referral marketing platform, is employed by ecommerce brands globally. These companies believe in the power of word-of-mouth marketing and having a robust system in place to drive conversions. As such, businesses on this list have demonstrated progressive marketing strategies and a keen investment in technological advancements.

For sales teams, this information denotes a few key insights. First, the companies on this list have the budget for and see value in investing in technology to boost their marketing efforts. This implies a potential interest in related services or products. Second, this list indicates the type of marketing these companies endorse. A business that appreciates referral marketing, arguably one of the more organic and customer-centric methods, is likely open to other customer-focused marketing strategies or tools.

In identifying prospective clients, sales teams could also prioritize their efforts based on factors such as size and industry of the companies in use of Mention Me. This also facilitates in crafting targeted and customized pitches highlighting how their product or service complements or enhances the benefits provided by a referral marketing platform like Mention Me.

Additionally, understanding the needs and trends of companies utilizing Mention Me can provide an edge in competitive markets. The comprehensive list showcases a wide spectrum of companies, enabling a comparative analysis of business strategies and marketing trends among promising prospects.

In conclusion, this curated list of companies using Mention Me harnesses profound potential for generating valuable leads. It offers a direct gateway to progressive, tech-oriented, and marketing-savvy ecommerce businesses ripe for nurturing into productive relationships.

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