Companies using Trix

Trix is an open-source WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor from Basecamp. It allows users to create rich and complex documents, such as formatted text, tables, images, and embedded content, with minimal coding experience. Trix also includes features like undo/redo, automatic link detection, customizable toolbar, file uploads, and pasting of text from other sources, making it suitable for a wide range of web applications. It is built on top of HTML and CSS, and works with any modern web browser that supports ContentEditable API. Trix can be integrated into web applications using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Vue.js, and other web frameworks. As an open-source project, Trix is free to use and modify under the MIT License, and has an active community of contributors who maintain and improve its functionality. Overall, Trix offers a simple yet powerful solution to content creation and editing for web developers and end-users alike.

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830 companies are currently using Trix



🚀 lifelong learning enth..

11 Employees$41K - $15K$72K united kingdom..84%Export
Context Travel

walking tours • audio gui..

252 Employees$11K - $45K$77K united states ..8%Export

séminaires, réunions, soi..

138 Employees$41K - $36K$73K france40%Export
Man Crates

man crates helps you cele..

50 Employees$5K - $2K$78K united states ..44%Export

startx is the community f..

266 Employees$32K - $41K$91K united states ..3%Export

a naya (new) home for the..

42 Employees$6K - $49K$58K united states ..65%Export
BoxedUp, Inc.

enterprise software platf..

10 Employees$38K - $46K$88K united states ..99%Export

a turnkey artwork service..

30 Employees$30K - $11K$84K united states ..71%Export

forcebrands is the prefer..

79 Employees$3K - $42K$94K united states ..80%Export

bringing new people from ..

284 Employees$11K - $9K$70K united states ..77%Export
TeamWork Online

#1 hiring platform and ta..

119 Employees$39K - $23K$54K united states ..71%Export
Swiftqueue Technologies –..

swiftqueue technologies –..

31 Employees$19K - $42K$65K ireland100%Export

we are influencer marketi..

301 Employees$44K - $20K$51K united states ..100%Export

your first-degree connect..

94 Employees$25K - $48K$74K united states ..35%Export

spreds is a saas platform..

16 Employees$8K - $1K$100K belgium63%Export

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Discover a treasure trove of potential prospects with this comprehensive list of companies utilizing Trix, an esteemed open-source project from the creators of Ruby on Rails, Basecamp. In today's highly competitive sales landscape, access to this innovative list provides a head-start by streamlining the identification process of potential clients who value quality and advanced web technologies.

Unleashing the power of this list will dramatically amplify prospecting efforts. Capitalizing on the knowledge of companies already leveraging Trix, sales teams can strategically focus their outreach, ensuring to associate themselves with sophisticated, technology-forward operations that recognize the worthiness of using dependable and flexible tools.

One of the immense strengths of this database is its inherent relevance. Since it pinpoints companies that are employing Trix, it implies an alignment in technological preferences – an invaluable piece of intelligence while planning the sales pitch or product demonstration. This intel not only saves time but also increases the probability of success.

Besides, presumably, these organizations also uphold an openness towards adopting novel technologies – a characteristic feature of companies using Trix. This predisposition can expediate negotiations and the sales process, tipping the scales in favor of a positive outcome.

Concentrated focus, increased success rates, quicker turnaround, and highly targeted lead generation - this is the inherent value of this meticulously created list of companies using Trix. Let the list lead the way to potential customers who recognize the value proposition in technological tools like Trix, opening doors to more meaningful and productive conversations.

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