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Froala Editor is a Javascript-based WYSIWYG HTML editor that provides rich text editing features for applications. It allows developers to add a powerful HTML editor to their web pages or applications with minimal effort. Froala Editor provides all the essential text editing tools, including text formatting options, image and video support, tables, lists, and more. It also supports responsive design, making it easy to integrate into mobile and desktop applications. The editor has a clean interface and is highly customizable, providing developers with complete control over the editing experience. Froala Editor can be used in various applications such as content management systems, e-commerce websites, blogging platforms, and other web-based applications that require rich text editing capabilities. Furthermore, it has a robust API, which makes it easy to customize and extend its functionality according to the application's specific needs.

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27,494 companies are currently using Froala Editor



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17 Employees$31K - $13K$83K belgium22%Export
Alchemy 365

pursue your legend

43 Employees$44K - $5K$62K united states ..15%Export

workforce uplifted!

17 Employees$34K - $33K$92K united states ..33%Export
RFID Global Solution, Inc..

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47 Employees$15K - $9K$57K united states ..86%Export

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175 Employees$49K - $31K$97K united states ..15%Export
Michigan CFO Associates

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15 Employees$15K - $44K$72K united states ..3%Export
ABP Technologies

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90 Employees$25K - $31K$80K united kingdom..84%Export
Security Innovation

create secure software

223 Employees$45K - $19K$75K united states ..36%Export

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79 Employees$41K - $48K$70K united kingdom..63%Export

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6 Employees$48K - $38K$98K united states ..76%Export

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Using Froala Editor for finding leads

This list of companies using the Froala Editor is an invaluable tool for sales teams for myriad reasons. It represents a collection of businesses that already recognize the necessity and value of incorporating a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML Editor into their applications. This understanding makes them more likely to invest in services or products that enhance or supplement the functionalities of Froala Editor.

Sales teams looking to market related products, such as add-ons, plugins, or integrative services that can work hand in hand with the Froala Editor, will have easy access to the most relevant potential customers. This specificity helps to eliminate wasteful prospecting, reducing time spent on searching and increasing time spent on pitching to companies already versed in the importance of powerful and user-friendly text editing capabilities.

Furthermore, companies on this list could potentially be in search of training or consultancy services related to the Froala Editor. They may want advice on optimizing its use, or exploring advanced features, in order to increase the productivity of their teams. Hence, the list serves as an excellent lead base for teams offering these services.

Overall, the list provides a concentrated pool of businesses familiar with the Froala Editor and its benefits, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales prospecting. It opens doors to more specific, targeted communication that speaks directly to the needs and interests of these companies, thus increasing the chances of a favorable response. The potential for increased conversions is, therefore, significant.

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