Companies using Ace

Ace is an open-source code editor that can be easily embedded into web applications. It is written in JavaScript and provides many advanced features such as syntax highlighting, code folding, autocomplete suggestions, and live code linting. Ace also supports more than 100 programming languages and markup languages making it a versatile tool for developers worldwide. Additionally, Ace allows developers to create their extensions using its modular architecture, adding custom features or modifying existing ones according to their requirements.

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1,394 companies are currently using Ace



raise employer brand awar..

33 Employees$44K - $21K$90K türkiye18%Export

32 Employees$9K - $20K$87K singapore22%Export
Flatfee Corp

overseas back-office in o..

19 Employees$41K - $18K$69K united states ..83%Export

read. write. code.

83 Employees$30K - $33K$79K united states ..55%Export

the ai co-pilot for docum..

28 Employees$29K - $50K$77K singapore77%Export
Aspire Recruitment

delivering social value, ..

39 Employees$26K - $19K$86K united kingdom..57%Export
Legalinc Corporate Servic..

thousands of law firms & ..

18 Employees$33K - $19K$99K united states ..77%Export

Cloudsnap blends technolo..

12 Employees$36K - $20K$84K united states ..42%Export
PDF Butler - Salesforce D..

generate, customize, and ..

26 Employees$18K - $39K$70K belgium86%Export
allectio consulting group..

allectio consulting group..

19 Employees$11K - $35K$78K germany96%Export

open-source serverless en..

16 Employees$30K - $7K$66K united kingdom..98%Export
Akiba Digital

we are a pioneering data ..

11 Employees$34K - $17K$59K south africa14%Export
Pink Executive Staffing

we help pink sales direct..

17 Employees$34K - $19K$81K united states ..41%Export
Let The Music Pay (d/b/a ..

Music is valuable.

10 Employees$37K - $3K$83K united states ..55%Export
H&B Engineered Products, ..

building efficiency

48 Employees$37K - $25K$95K united states ..92%Export

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Using Ace for finding leads

This list of companies using Ace brings together a powerful resource that holds immense value for sales teams seeking new opportunities in the tech industry. By offering an overview of businesses invested in the Ace code editor, it paints a clear picture of potential clients who give high importance to efficient, in-browser coding solutions. This insight can guide teams towards a better understanding of their market, fostering smarter strategies for prospecting.

Consider the diverse range of companies making use of Ace. From small web development start-ups to large-scale software engineering firms, they all rely on this particular tool for a smoother coding experience. Leveraging this list, teams gain a direct line to target businesses receptive to products or services that either integrate with or enhance their Ace editor experience.

Understanding the specific solutions a company has chosen often helps predict other needs they might have. Since Ace is a known quantity, sales teams can fully appreciate the operational demands of its user base whilst building campaigns or reaching out to potential clients. In particular, businesses that are engaged with JavaScript developments would highly value the efficiency and versatility brought to the table by Ace.

For lead generation, running tailored communication campaigns can yield significant results. By orientifying messaging around the context of Ace, its benefits, or its use cases, a more nuanced and personalized approach can be achieved, increasing the odds of a positive response.

Furthermore, the list can serve as a useful tool for partnership prospecting. Companies listed as Ace users might be open to collaborations, through either technical integrations or cross-promotional marketing initiatives. Such partnerships can pave the way to mutually beneficial business relationships.

Ultimately, this list of companies using Ace provides valuable data, assists in creating tailored outreach strategies, and helps identify potential collaboration opportunities — crucial aspects in the lead prospecting process.

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