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TownNews is a content management system (CMS) designed specifically for local media outlets. It provides tools and features to help these organizations manage and publish their content online, including articles, photos, videos, and more. With TownNews, local media organizations can create their own news websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms to distribute their content to a wider audience. The CMS also includes features such as audience analytics, advertising management, and social media integration to help publishers understand their readership and monetize their content. Overall, TownNews offers a comprehensive platform for local media organizations to manage and distribute their content across multiple channels, helping them stay relevant in the modern digital landscape.

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1,630 companies are currently using TownNews



serving eastern pennsylva..

166 Employees$31K - $41K$61K united states ..2%Export

channel 8 news

61 Employees$33K - $44K$97K united states ..67%Export
Nashville Post

smart. relevant. engaged...

22 Employees$26K - $36K$66K united states ..14%Export
Franchise Times

the news and information ..

30 Employees$34K - $36K$94K united states ..18%Export
Hawaii Business Magazine

locally owned, locally co..

39 Employees$18K - $29K$55K united states ..27%Export
Biz New Orleans Magazine

telling the story of one ..

6 Employees$25K - $39K$56K united states ..
In Business magazine

24 Employees$24K - $28K$90K united states ..2%Export
FOX 21 News, KQDS-TV

36 Employees$48K - $22K$61K united states ..45%Export
San Diego Magazine

we tell the stories of sa..

111 Employees$15K - $43K$79K united states ..34%Export
Restaurant Finance Monito..

keeping you informed abou..

5 Employees$42K - $7K$81K united states ..83%Export
Pittsburgh Magazine

we know pittsburgh. insid..

44 Employees$28K - $7K$99K united states ..56%Export

76 Employees$43K - $8K$89K united states ..67%Export
The Colorado Springs Gaze..

pulitzer prize-winning jo..

163 Employees$26K - $10K$68K united states ..67%Export
Rhode Island Monthly

know more. live better.

32 Employees$32K - $11K$70K united states ..46%Export
Cape May County Herald

34 Employees$45K - $11K$66K united states ..68%Export

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Using TownNews for finding leads

This comprehensive catalog of companies leveraging the TownNews platform provides an invaluable resource for sales teams on the lookout for new leads. With TownNews as a widely used Content Management System (CMS) tailored to the needs of local media organizations, there's a diverse pool of potential targets.

Knowing which companies use TownNews can aid sales teams targeting the media industry or associated businesses. If your product or service is keenly positioned to complement or enhance the functional capabilities of TownNews, this list will prove immensely useful.

With deep insights into each company's operations, the list can streamline your lead generation process. It allows for strategic planning by identifying the size, scope, and market of each business. This dramatically shortens the time it takes to identify potentially effective channels, reducing the overall cost of customer acquisition and increasing the speed of business growth.

Sales teams can leverage this list to tailor their messages and offers to suit the specific needs of each targeted business. Knowing that these companies rely on TownNews gives an informed angle to approach these organizations and present solutions that directly address their operational challenges.

In addition, understanding that a company is invested in TownNews, suggests they value modern, technologically-powered media solutions. It can signal business sophistication and a readiness to adopt complementary products and services that refine and escalate their content management capabilities.

To summarize, this list of companies using TownNews is a potent sales tool. It empowers sales teams with the capability to refine lead targeting and customize pitches, thereby enhancing their productivity and potential for securing new clients. It not only makes the daunting task of finding new leads easier but also more efficient and effective.

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