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TN Express Web is a web-based application designed to integrate with Tessitura, an enterprise application for managing ticketing, fundraising, customer relationship management, and marketing. TN Express Web provides a user-friendly interface for customers to purchase and manage their tickets online. It also allows organizations to offer flexible pricing options, such as dynamic pricing and variable service fees. TN Express Web can be customized to match the organization's branding and can be integrated with other third-party applications, such as email marketing platforms and CRM systems. Overall, TN Express Web serves as a convenient and efficient way for organizations to sell tickets and manage customer relationships through Tessitura's robust features.

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16 companies are currently using TN Express Web


Signature Theatre Company..

signature theatre celebra..

92 Employees$4K - $43K$59K united states ..80%Export
McCarter Theatre Center

princeton's tony award-wi..

111 Employees$30K - $12K$77K united states ..100%Export
First Stage

one of the nation's most ..

112 Employees$31K - $3K$79K united states ..43%Export
Arena Stage at the Mead C..

the original tony award-w..

185 Employees$6K - $31K$60K united states ..8%Export
St. Louis Symphony Orches..

164 Employees$20K - $36K$70K united states ..78%Export
Fort Worth Symphony Orche..

perform great symphonic m..

85 Employees$47K - $27K$87K united states ..80%Export
Seattle Opera

207 Employees$21K - $31K$80K united states ..41%Export

the arts are ours.

98 Employees$42K - $45K$77K united states ..89%Export
Guthrie Theater

an american center for th..

312 Employees$20K - $7K$83K united states ..6%Export
Fairfield Theatre Company..

the best experiences in l..

42 Employees$14K - $22K$86K united states ..55%Export
Midland Center for the Ar..

88 Employees$3K - $18K$89K united states ..7%Export
Actors Workout Inc

3 Employees$41K - $32K$82K united states ..6%Export
AMP By Strathmore

3 Employees$10K - $21K$96K united states ..97%Export
Powell Symphony Hall

- Employees$7K - $14K$87K united states ..41%Export
Rupp House History Center..

- Employees$41K - $31K$92K united states ..63%Export

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Using TN Express Web for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing TN Express Web, as offered by Tessitura Network, can significantly empower sales teams to identify and pursue promising leads. This list is not only an illustration of current market adopters but also a key resource for understanding potential lead behavior and preferences.

Sales professionals can immensely benefit from such a list through several ways.

  1. Identify Prospects: The list serves as a potential base for prospecting, allowing sales teams to pinpoint companies that already comprehend the value of comprehensive customer relationship management applications like TN Express Web. These companies are likely to appreciate similar innovative solutions.

  2. Understand Market Trends: Understanding of market trends becomes easier with this list. Trends can be spotted by assessing the industries, regions, and business sizes most common among the list. Such insights provide sales teams with valuable context for their marketing and sales strategies.

  3. Segmentation and Personalization: The list can be segmented based on industry, company size, or other relevant factors, enabling sales teams to tailor their approach to match potential client needs better. A personalized sales pitch can often be the difference between a lost lead and a new client.

  4. Competitive Analysis: By analyzing the companies in the list, sales professionals can understand the competitive landscape better and discover if their offerings have unique selling points that answer needs TN Express Web doesn't address, or if there are gaps in the market that their products can fill.

  5. Informed Conversations: Knowing that a prospective client uses TN Express Web can guide the conversation. Sales reps can discuss how their product or service integrates with or enhances the functionality of TN Express Web, matching the prospect's existing technological ecosystem.

In sum, the list of companies using TN Express Web is a highly valuable resource that can boost efficiency in lead generation and prospecting. This tool exemplifies how thorough market understanding can accelerate sales cycles and improve the quality of client relationships.

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