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Storyblok is a headless CMS that provides a visual editor for developers, content editors, and marketers to manage digital experiences seamlessly. It offers a versatile platform that can be used for various use-cases such as corporate websites, ecommerce, helpdesks, mobile apps, and screen displays. Storyblok allows teams to work collaboratively on content management, simplifying the process of creating and editing content. With its intuitive interface and flexible API, it enables developers to integrate with third-party services, reducing development time and effort. The visual editor allows content creators to see the content changes in real-time, ensuring that the final output looks great across different devices. Overall, Storyblok is an excellent tool for teams looking to manage their digital experiences easily, providing robust functionality for building better digital experiences.

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3,528 companies are currently using Storyblok



the audience-specialist r..

38 Employees$24K - $42K$59K united kingdom..68%Export

inspire the fighter withi..

70 Employees$4K - $45K$72K united states ..17%Export

đź‘‹ we increase approvals ..

27 Employees$38K - $21K$51K united kingdom..84%Export

helping companies to prot..

35 Employees$31K - $38K$90K mauritania86%Export

sustainability solutions ..

25 Employees$16K - $4K$82K united kingdom..51%Export

gamesight is the growth e..

39 Employees$34K - $26K$72K united states ..9%Export
Modern Age

on a mission to add milli..

64 Employees$33K - $31K$60K united states ..7%Export

insurify is a virtual ins..

148 Employees$23K - $42K$86K united states ..49%Export
Feedr by EatFirst

easy and flexible food or..

42 Employees$9K - $28K$89K united kingdom..68%Export

right plans for real peop..

86 Employees$36K - $19K$94K united states ..95%Export
Charm Industrial

charm’s mission is to ret..

83 Employees$37K - $10K$87K united states ..84%Export

online platform for build..

12 Employees$34K - $17K$91K austria22%Export

linge de maison 5 Ă©toiles..

44 Employees$35K - $36K$73K france18%Export
EO Charging

we don’t just power elect..

184 Employees$50K - $26K$97K united kingdom..69%Export
Bitstack (YC S22)

save & invest in bitcoin,..

18 Employees$45K - $3K$81K france6%Export

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Using Storyblok for finding leads

On this page, a list of companies using Storyblok, a headless CMS with a visual editor, is compiled. This valuable resource provides an understanding of the diverse market sectors taking advantage of this innovative technology. Additionally, it can offer insight into the scales at which these businesses operate in terms of content management and digital experiences.

Sales teams can use this list to gain context on prospective clients. By understanding the size and industry of companies already utilizing Storyblok, sales professionals might be better able to target businesses of similar characteristics.

This list also facilitates learning about usage patterns of Storyblok. Sales representatives might uncover specific industries that frequently turn to this CMS, enhancing their prospective targeting strategy. Moreover, they might find large corporations or smaller start-ups that use Storyblok, which could inspire a more nuanced approach to their pitching and negotiation strategies.

Furthermore, if a prospect belongs to an industry with heavy representation on this list, sales teams can leverage this information to bolster their proposals, emphasizing how Storyblok has already been accepted and implemented by industry peers. Conversely, if an industry appears underrepresented on the list, it could indicate a new market segment yet to realize the potential of Storyblok, presenting an opportunity for sales teams to pioneer.

Ultimately, this list creates a strategic advantage in prospecting for any sales team. By utilizing this resource effectively, teams can enrich their understanding of market trends, adapt their outreach strategies accordingly, and significantly improve the quality and success of their lead generation efforts.

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