Companies using Statically

Statically is a content delivery network (CDN) designed for open-source projects, WordPress, images and other static assets. It provides fast and free services that allow developers to distribute their content globally while reducing load times and bandwidth usage. Statically CDN comes with a range of features, including image optimization, file compression, and caching to help developers optimize their website's performance. It also supports popular web development tools, including Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, and more. With Statically CDN, developers can accelerate their website's speed and reliability, enhance user experience across all devices and browsers, and boost search engine optimization (SEO).

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1,678 companies are currently using Statically


CoPilot AI

welcome to the modern age..

84 Employees$35K - $47K$74K canada46%Export

employee mentoring made e..

134 Employees$48K - $1K$59K united states ..10%Export
Glider AI

skill intelligence platfo..

98 Employees$41K - $3K$68K united states ..71%Export
TJB Super Yachts

boutique. bespoke. innova..

29 Employees$28K - $40K$98K united kingdom..72%Export
Alpha Imaging

innovative healthcare sol..

118 Employees$10K - $24K$66K united states ..29%Export

collaborative intelligenc..

66 Employees$32K - $12K$97K united states ..80%Export
I Can Infotech - Solving ..

creating brilliant techno..

48 Employees$25K - $47K$98K canada68%Export
Trilogy Aviation Group

take flight, experience‚Äč ..

12 Employees$45K - $33K$94K united states ..20%Export
Dream Careers Inc.

global internship program..

48 Employees$47K - $27K$93K united states ..83%Export

the leading ai-powered se..

305 Employees$47K - $6K$91K united states ..15%Export

we shape business radical..

53 Employees$43K - $47K$81K germany20%Export
GESTIA Solidaire

ūüŹ†propri√©taires on vous a..

15 Employees$15K - $26K$91K france43%Export
Infinite Uptime

powering reliability thro..

181 Employees$27K - $41K$95K india27%Export

restoring the balance of ..

17 Employees$12K - $12K$67K united states ..81%Export

unifying assets, people &..

35 Employees$12K - $36K$52K austria45%Export

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Using Statically for finding leads

The list of companies that utilize Statically offers a treasure trove of potential leads for sales teams focused on web and digital products. Statically, being a free, fast, and modern Content Delivery Network (CDN) predominantly used for open-source projects, WordPress, images, and other static assets, is preferred by a range of companies from different industries for its efficiency and performance.

This comprehensive list gives sales teams insight into the types of businesses leveraging Statically for their digital needs. Companies on this list have shown a commitment to modern, innovative online solutions and are more likely to be interested in tools that can bolster their web infrastructure, offering a ripe ground for prospecting.

Using this list, sales teams can target companies that appreciate the value of high-quality CDNs, implying an investment in their online presence and potentially, a need for related products or services. It's a direct line to the prospects who have already signaled their willingness to use advanced web technologies to meet their business objectives.

To ensure that the leads found on this list are relevant, examining the company's usage of Statically could assist in identifying their specific needs. Businesses utilizing Statically for serving open-source projects or static assets may require developer tools, security services, or advanced web applications. Conversely, those using it for WordPress may benefit from additional WordPress plugins, themes, or management services.

Moreover, a company’s presence on this list could indicate a propensity for engaging with free or economically-efficient tools. This implicit information could be highly beneficial to sales teams, enabling them to tailor their offerings or value proposition accordingly, depending on their product or service pricing model.

In conclusion, this comprehensive list of companies using Statically serves as a valuable lead generation resource. It offers significant guidance for sales teams to identify and connect with potential clients who are already utilizing progressive web technologies, thereby, significantly streamlining their lead prospecting efforts.

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